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    MB2's best player FROSTY has a forum account now

    Speedrun any% Ban
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    Shit TK System

    Don't TK and it won't be a problem.
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    Viability of shotguns in open

    Honestly I'd like the option of a shotgun over a blaster as a solider in open.
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    Boinp killed the Goblins

    Imagine uploading a blocked video that you need a vpn to view.
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    Need help with a Sith model

    Looks like a problem with the model itself, where did you get it from?
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    Need help with a Sith model

    Okay so the 1.9.3 update changed how custom models work, you need a dedicated cm file for skins to load. See if this works I added a cm file for the skin into the pk3 z_Ashara Zavros.pk3
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    Need help with a Sith model

    I'm assuming you have her listed on a custom model (cm) file since you said you can see her icon.
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    Need help with a Sith model

    It's the .shader file if I've looked at it correctly. It's pathing to models/players/ashara_zavros not +sit_ashara_zavros Easy fix with notepad just correct the pathing for the model
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    Voice Chat command list for console use

    Time to spam! I've been wondering how to do this for ages.
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    Taking certain skins from a pack

    Download something like pakscape or 7rar and then open the files after you've downloaded them, then delete the folders of skins you don't want.
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    Unconfirmed Discord Rich Presence option not saving

    I'm glad that the first solution helped you and equally glad that you learned something new. OpenJK is much better for playing MB2 with IMO. You run into any other problems in future please speak up, problems don't get fixed if people stay quiet.
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    Unconfirmed Discord Rich Presence option not saving

    Open the console when next ingame and type "cg_discord 1". This was happening to me, I tried that and it stays on now.
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    Awaiting feedback Fuse294's Bug Report Master Thread

    Can't be fucked with the template code cos it's a nightmare to edit. Map: UM_Pistolduel Mode: Full Authentic Issue: Guns not working. A Typo in the MBClass for all mbch files (MB_CLASS_ARCTROPER) was causing this. Fix: Changed the MBClass for all related mbch files to MB_CLASS_ARCTROOPER so...
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    Penekepack 2.3 // COMPATIBLE WITH 1.9.2!

    For those experiencing broken shaders on the mudtrooper, this is caused by a version of the mudtrooper inside the peneke pack. Delete the mudtrooper folder inside the peneke pack models/players then find the penekesoldcompsimp.shader in shaders, open in notepad or notepad++ and delete the...
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    Centered HUD Mod

    This MOD no longer works and requires an overhaul to work with the latest version of MB2 1.9.3 because of changes made to the MB2's UI files, additionally the creator has been inactive since 2021. If anyone is able to please feel free to provide an updated version.