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    Popular MB2 Theories

    1. Saber build is never coming out. 2. Each member of this community has a different type of mental illness.
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    MB2 Documentary. Round-up of events/info

    If there's gotta be an mb2 documentary we might aswell start gathering all of the info we can for it. I think it's fair to talk about events that are related to the mod or the community itself (dramas included). Preferably with dates attached to each event described. And maybe even post...
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    Add a sound for spawning players

    what if you heard this everytime you respawned..................................
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    Post anything musical that is related to MB2.
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    Are there any servers in which a new player can learn the ropes without getting too brutally punished?

    Be sure to do /disco on the console to activate useful tips. If that doesn't work, you might need to install the mb2 premium version.
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    Emperors throne room MBII video

    jka KINO THREAD???
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    Movie Battles 2 - Episode 1.1 "Great minds think alike" ft. Iron Knight Gaming

    You sound like a granny in your videos, is that on purpose?
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    Movie Battles 2: Episode 1 - Agony & Comedy

    You know what, this doesn't look so bad now.
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    Dump your mb2 memes here

    um... How do I delete a comment in my own thread...
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    Dump your mb2 memes here

    um... kid is not an insult?? idot?