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    My Cloud City Shaft Map (RELEASED)

    It doesn't look like you have caulked the brush faces which aren't visible. Also, there is quite a bit of Z-fighting going on between brushes, but that's quite easy to fix you just need to move some stuff around. And Spag made some good points, as it is quite likely that your entire map is made...
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    My Cloud City Shaft Map (RELEASED)

    Looking much better. For that hallway, I suggest first removing the lights you've placed, and turn those yellow floor textures into a light source via a shader. Compile to see how it looks, and then if necessary add some soft lights or adjust the shader until you are satisfied. Also, it looks...
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    My Cloud City Shaft Map (RELEASED)

    Nice map, can I suggest experimenting more with lights? It seems you have cranked the ambient light all the way up, and this can result in a very flat looking map.
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    Any mods that improve Lightsabers glowing

    You can find JK2/JKA mods at This is the one I've been using: EpIII Sabers & Effects It adds a lot more sparks when your light saber passes through an object. Keep in mind there is a graphical bug for this mod, where every now and then parts of the world will flash black for half a...
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    Voice commands replacement tutorials?

    The voice commands are kept inside MBAssets.pk3, in the directory: sound/chars/mp_generic_male/misc/ Create a new .pk3 with the same folder directory as the one listed above, replace all of the sound clips with your own, and rename them exactly as they were before. If the file doesn't have the...
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    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.3 Released

    Change: uM_NS_Streets Added more French girls to the song increased France percentage on song
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    FEEDBACK: Progressive Siege Open Beta Nov 24th

    Increase Jar Jar's Grenade launcher ammo to 12. Perhaps give him a very weak pistol to fallback on when all other ammo is depleted.
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    I am looking for a mapper

    Your map looks good, I don't know why you thought you couldn't do it yourself cos you can. You can making moving objects a few different ways. func_platform, func_button and func_door are three different ways you can do it. lip = how far the object will travel angle = which direction the object...
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    Hessu Vs RogueWookiee(Me)

    Nice duels, guys. gf
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    The Legacy Lyceum - Map WIP

    Wow, this is super clean, man, really good work ~ you should be proud ~ you are putting the map I am working on to shame. I hope this map will be available for people outside of Legacy clan? I'd love to see it once it is complete.
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    Sabering...What Happened?

    Those sorts of fast styles can be hard to deal with if your opponent doesn't know what they are doing. It sounds like you are versing bad players that don't know how to duel. If someone is running into you with Force Speed you can just slap them? Problem solved.