Report, Fives stop abuser

Reporting Abusive Behavior and Unfair Bans I hereby denounce the constant abusive practices of fives, who has shown himself to be responsible for unjustified bans and demonstrated an intolerant stance towards harmless jokes. This behavior is harmful to the community, creating a hostile and unpleasant environment. It is important to highlight that the bans applied by fiveslack valid justifications, revealing a clear violation of the norms established for coexistence in the online environment in question. Furthermore, Fives has demonstrated a childish attitude by not tolerating jokes and responding disproportionately. These actions not only compromise the integrity of the community, but also affect the experience of users who want to participate in a healthy and respectful way. Therefore, I request that this complaint be analyzed and the appropriate measures taken to ensure a safe and pleasant online environment for everyone. I appreciate the attention given to this case and hope that appropriate measures are taken to correct this harmful situation for the community. Yours sincerely, Gogo
While I have nothing to do with any sever Fives has admin on, anyone that pays for a server is within their right to ban you for whatever reason they want (could aslo be no reason)
Him moderating a server he has been given smod on is most likely to prevent you from doing "harmful behavior" - it's all subjective, but for some reason almost everyone in MBII thinks they can act exactly as they want while one not contributing to the community you mentioned - all hidden behind the excuse of "badmin"
If you play on a server where they dont enjoy your way of "fun" simply play somewhere else. Some enjoy trolling, timewasting, tking etc, others like more serious gameplay. Each to their own, but saying you've been admin abused because someone has a different stance on what is fun is unjustified.
Solidarity with Gogo - Unjust Ban

Hey Movie Battles II community,

I hope this message finds you all well. I wanted to bring up an issue that I believe needs some attention, especially when it comes to the recent ban of Gogo.

I've been a member of this community for quite some time now, and it's disheartening to witness a fellow member being banned under what seems to be unclear or mistaken circumstances. Gogo has been an active and contributing member of our community, and I've never known them to engage in any behavior that would warrant a ban.

While I understand that moderators have a challenging job in maintaining a positive and respectful environment, I urge the moderation team to review Gogo's case thoroughly. It's crucial that any disciplinary actions are taken based on solid evidence and a fair understanding of the situation.

If Gogo has indeed violated any server rules, it would be beneficial for the community to be made aware of the specifics. Transparency is key in maintaining trust between members and moderators. Without a clear understanding of the reasons behind Gogo's ban, it's challenging for us, as a community, to provide constructive feedback or learn from the situation.

I believe in the strength of our community and its commitment to fairness and justice. I encourage the moderation team to consider a reevaluation of Gogo's case and to communicate openly with the community regarding the circumstances leading to the ban.

Let's stand together in support of fair and transparent moderation. Looking forward to a resolution that aligns with the values we uphold here at this lovely community.

Best regards,