Petition for gogo to become the new Gonk admin

Join our religion dedicated to harmony and fun in Movie Battles 2! We, the Gogo Devotees, firmly believe in creating a gaming environment where everyone feels welcome and valued, regardless of their skill level. In our community, we reject the effort mentality, which often promotes excessive competition and the exclusion of less experienced players. Instead, we seek to foster a culture of mutual support, camaraderie and shared fun. The figure of Gogo represents not only an individual, but also an ideal of fair and inclusive leadership. We believe that Gogo has the necessary qualities to be the new Administrator of Movie Battles 2, leading with empathy, equity and dedication to the community. Under his guidance, we can shape an environment where all players feel valued and respected, regardless of their skills or experience. Our religion is not just about elevating Gogo to Administrator status, but also about driving fundamental cultural change within the game community. We want to inspire others to join us on this journey of building a more united and welcoming community, where fun and camaraderie are top priorities. We believe that by uniting around this common goal, we can create a truly rewarding and positive gaming environment for everyone involved. Our motto is simple: “Everyone is welcome, everyone is valued.” Regardless of your previous gaming experience or your current skills, you are an important part of our community and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. Join us and be part of this positive change in Movie Battles 2. In our rituals and practices, we emphasize the importance of collaboration, companionship, and mutual support. We hold regular community events where players can come together to have fun, exchange experiences, and strengthen bonds. Additionally, we promote a culture of continuous learning, where players can help each other improve their skills and knowledge of the game. As Gogo devotees, we are committed to building a vibrant and inclusive community in Movie Battles 2. By elevating Gogo to the role of admin, we are taking a significant step toward that goal. Join our journey and be part of a community where everyone is welcome and respected. Together we can make Movie Battles 2 a better place for all players
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