Nostalgia server: Movie Battles Classic

Hey everyone. Feeling nostalgic for old MB2, I started a server on an older build, 0.1.8 (from 2012). I started getting some matches going earlier this year in tests and now would like to open it up. We probably will have an event this week - more information to follow - but it's up 24/7. We have a discord server for this, PM me if you would like the link.

The server IP is It is visible on the MBII Launcher if you set "Version" to "All". You won't be able to join via the launcher, though.

First, a guide to getting old MB2 installed: you need to get the old version's MBII folder into gamedata, renamed to MBII018. This is because the server's mod folder has this name and both must match. Like this both old and new MB2 can coexist in the same install. Then, to open it, run the .bat file (recommended method, though you should edit it to refer to MBII018 and not MBII) OR open jamp.exe and, under settings, load MBII018. Finally, in console type /connect

In steps:

- Download from ;

- Rename existing MBII folder to something else to avoid overwriting it;

- Extract the 0.1.8 files (MBII folder to GameData, contents of base to base folder and files outside MBII and base to GameData) to GameData;

- Rename the 0.1.8 MBII folder to MBII018;

- Open Play_MBII.bat in Notepad or another text editor and change MBII to MBII018;

- Rename the original MB2 folder back to MBII;

- To join the server, open Play_MB2.bat and type in console /connect Sometimes you may be unable to open the console in the main menu. In this case, create a local match and then try opening the console while in-game.

Note: OpenJK support is spotty. If you have main MBII installed, it sometimes refuses to work, even if you delete the main MBII files that force vanilla OpenJK to shut down on MBII. If you don't have main MBII, it should just work. If you wish to try using it, you'll need to change the .bat file to point to the OpenJK executable. Don't use the MBII version of OpenJK, grab the mainline build from index · powered by h5ai 0.26.1 ( .

Note 2: I recommend playing in windowed mode if you're using jamp.exe. This is because alt-tabbing doesn't work very well in full screen mode.

Some FAQs:

"Vehicle extensions" error: clear your base folder of custom maps and/or vehicles. If it persists, reinstall JKA. This should fix the error.

"cl_parsepacketrntities: end of message" error: most likely your JKA is pirated and doesn't let you play multiplayer. Presumably, you use OpenJK on main MB2 and bypassed this error. My recommendation here is to buy Jedi Academy on if you want a DRM-free experience.

Extra files - some files we've found enjoyable can be found in these links:

Elite Warriors - download pretty much everything. Although the most used extra maps are from the "Other MB2" map pack - get these if nothing else.

Vehicle map pack: Movie Battles II - Vehicle Map Pack addon

Hope to see you there! Feel free to message me here on the forum or on discord.
EVENT: Saturday, 18th of May (tomorrow), 9 PM GMT (London time).

Maps: grab the Other MB2 pack from plus the vehicle map pack at minimum. Server will also have EW's CMP, power battles, ultimate showdown and uMad installed (basically get as much as possible - note: some links are dead; ignore those).