star wars jedi academy machinima

  1. DarthValeria

    Starıka's Jedi Academy Machinimas

    I'm sure some of you already seen my machinimas, However i decided to gather all of my machinimas , my blender works and my map projects here Enjoy ^_^
  2. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Spark of Hope - First Look [HD] [Jedi Academy Machinima]

  3. DarthValeria

    Timelapse of SWTOR model converting into Jedi Academy

  4. DarthValeria

    New SWTOR model i prepared in a livestream

  5. DarthValeria

    Alpha Squad I Teaser Trailer

  6. DarthValeria

    Star Wars: Heir to the Empire - Trailer

    This isnt my work But i believe this guy's machinima earns tens of thousands views for this trailer as it is so exciting ^_^
  7. DarthValeria

    I am looking for a mapper

    As i mentioned it in the title , i need a mapper to prepare a YT-2000 freighter inside map like the Millenium Falcon map in the Jedi Academy (Sith-J-Cull's Falcon) Here is some pictures that can help you It'll be appriciated if you can make a map of freighter for me , it is so important for my...