1. Phoenix

    Looking for Zakuul Knight soundpack

    So I currently have a Zakuul Knight model that is ready to be released for you all, however finding sounds (mainly taunts) seems to be really challenging. I've tried getting some of the voice lines from SWTOR, however when I taunt and whatnot in game, nothing plays. If anyone happens to for some...
  2. Tompa9

    Tompa´s Workshop and WIP

    Hello MB2 community! As member of Peneke family my work on Tompa´s Replacement pack is finished for now. But I´m still active and I´m learning about reskinning and kitbashing models. I have created this thread to show you some of my work and post there small MB2 replacements which could improve...
  3. Perion

    Perion's Mini-sound replacement mod for V1.4

    DOWNLOAD Replaces some sounds: Kylo Ren masked Kylo Ren saber Saber sounds as a whole Anakin/Rey saber Replaces some skins: Sith Stalker Kylo Ren saber Luke...
  4. Lervish

    Lerv's Useless Replacements: Wheelchair Morgan (deka)

    MORGAN KATARN IN A WHEELCHAIR (Droideka Replacement) Morgan has returned, with cooler sunglasses than Jerec's! He will unleash his senile vengeance on you with his dual T21 cannons while mumbling like the grumpy old man he is. Basically it's a four years old project that I never finished -...