replacement mod

  1. Bully

    Female voice audio v1

    DOWNLOAD V1 (Latest) Or download older versions here Description This mod adds audio to female voice commands Usage Place the PK3 into "Jedi Academy\GameData\MBII" Credits Sounds by: Raven Software Mod by: |+| Bully Changelog
  2. rexyravager

    Does anyone have a c3p0 battle droid skin?

  3. Phoenix

    Skinny Sabers [UNOFF. PNK 1.8 UPDATE] - For MBII v1.5

    UPDATE: The lightsabers in this addon simply makes the blades skinnier to give off a more Star Wars: Rebels type of design. Requires Penekepack to work. You NEED Penekepack for this to work properly. All you have to do is add this patch edit and you're good to go. To Install: Simply drag...