1. Green Penta

    OOF Deathsounds modified

    This soundpack replaces every deathsound from Movie Battles with the OOF death sound from Roblox! This is what I modified in the original soundpack: -Removed OOF sound on hit -Removed desorted, modified OOF sounds Download Modified OOF soundpack (Dropbox) View Original OOF soundpack (credit...
  2. Phoenix

    [video] mb2 funny stuffs 7

    yeah i made 7 of these
  3. Ginkobum13

    OOF death sounds + Sharper/Brighter HD crosshairs

    This is my oof death sound replacement, it replaces all of the death sounds, pain sounds, and falling death sounds (19 mp3 files) with 4 variations of OOF I got them from: Here's the 90mb link for oof death sounds: z_zz_oof.pk3 Add to your mb2 folder and depending on how much damage is done...
  4. Kwinto


    FROM THE CREATORS OF MEME BATTLES 2 COMES A REPLACEMENT WANTED BY EVERYONE BUT DELIVERED BY NO ONE UNTIL NOW! <<<DOWNLOAD LINK>>> This should work with both base MBII and with Peneke Pack (probably not all models since i don't use some of them) and beacuse it works with peneke it weights...