1. Liniyka_xddd

    Lini's meme montages

    Hello my dear MB2 community, it's me, Lini. Yesterday I discovered that my GPU drivers also automatically record in-game MB2 footage, so I went ahead and saved a few interesting moments. After thinking about how to use them, I decided to try and make a montage. I've never done any video editing...
  2. W!zard

    [Videos] MBII Funny Moments Montages

    Hi there, to raise awareness of this game on YouTube I decided to start this Funny Moments series! Hope you enjoy, although the gameplay and editing isnt the greatest, it took some time for me to create :p (i would appreactiate feedback, still new to this kind of editing, thanks!) Newest one...
  3. Smee

    [Video] MB2: Plo Koontage

    100 percent skill
  4. AdrieN

    [VIDEO] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#06] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#06] 1.4 style! Enjoy!
  5. AdrieN

    [VIDEO] - Movie Battles II: Montage [#02] - Movie Battles II - Montage [#02] Hello everybody! I bring to You a new, longer, in less FPS episode of my Movie Battles 2 Montage! Enjoy! Write down in replies if you have made it to be in the video! :D I'm so late.. welp. But it's better to do something late than...