1. rat

    Being a source of entertainment whilst afk

    cl_yawspeed 3000 ON - "+attack;+right;+moveright;+speed" OFF - "-attack;-right;-moveright;-speed" EDIT: cg_thirdpersoncameradamp 0 so you don't get a migraine and cg_thirdpersontargetdamp 0.01 for smooth tracking
  2. Varod

    The Book of Varod Chapter 6

  3. erichirari

    Dump your mb2 memes here

    Can be anything. From screenshots (doesn't even have to be ingame ss), videos, copypastas. So long as it's mb2 related it's all good.
  4. oldmankai

    Virgin Duelist Versus The Chad Opener

  5. oldmankai

    I would like to bring you a new form of memes

  6. Liniyka_xddd

    DN is BACK!

    YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IT DN IS BACK ON TRACK BABY De Novo is a clan with quite a bit of history. You might remember us from about 2 years ago, when we were the most active. And now, it's time for us to come back! Now, to outline what we are - we are a fun-focused, relaxed and laid back...
  7. Phoenix

    MB2 Funny Moments

    So I’ve been making these videos for roughly a year now, I’m not sure as to how many people have seen them so I’ll just post them all here. I’d appreciate feedback on what to improve, and which one was your favorite. Enjoy :)
  8. GoodOl'Ben

    JAMME Tutorial Video *trigger warning*

    People wanted to get a basic tutorial on how to capture meaningful MB2 moments and share them with friends on Instagram. So there was only one thing I could do. Get hammered and make a video on how to do just that! Contains memes that might trigger you. I am sorry.
  9. TheGamingDeadTV

    [Video] MBII Memes Episode II: Attack of the Memes

    Here's a lil something I've been cooking up for the past few days. It's my second "edited" video so it's a polished turd. Inspired by Sylvar- Sylvar Gargos- Gargosfragvideos Vongs- Vongs Yuzzan Inspiration only gets you so far though. Oh and if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please...
  10. MoonmanMoonman

    Moonman's retarded meme vids

    Who knows, perhaps i'll make some more videos? If you're easily triggered then close your eyes on the ending.
  11. Liniyka_xddd

    Thank you

    In this thread, I want to personally thank a very important member of MB2 community for always cheering me up and making DN server a better place (debatable). Thank you, The Omelette Prince. Maybe this goes against the forum rules, but I hope His Majesty gets all the sick melee kills, and after...