1. Bully

    MB2 Log Reader // Server plugin framework

    Framework Github Description MB2 Log Reader is an effort by the community to create a framework on which server plugins may be built. This is achieved by reading, parsing and formatting console log data into an easily accessible and distributable format. Basically, I wrote some software that...
  2. G

    Launcher Microsoft .NET Framework Error - Help

    Hi, I recently downloaded MB2 and I keep getting this error ( see screenshot ), every time I launch the MBIILauncher. I can press continue to run the game and start it but it keeps popping up and eventually crashes me from the server and gives me an error saying: Game running Unrecognized...
  3. milleniumpotato

    Launcher Microsoft .NET Framework Error

    Hello there everyone, I have been playing Movie Battle II for some years now and never got this error. When I try to start the Movie Battles Launcher I immediately get a Microsoft .NET framework error (images below), I put continue and it opens but the problem is that when I try to press play I...