addon pack

  1. Noob

    NoobGuided Pack 3.2 | COMPATIBLE WITH v1.10.1

    DOWNLOAD NOOBGUIDED PACK VERSION 3.2 Credits in download link! @The Unguided and I are very proud to announce that we are now working together and merging Noob Pack and H.B. Pack into one glorious addon pack for MB2! Everything you see here will be the next step forward for both packs...
  2. Landolore

    Landolore's Modpack 1.7 (Updated) This modpack adds a bunch of different Star Wars models to each unit besides Droideka. I will be building off of it and adding more as time progresses. Credits are in the .txt file in the pack. Characters Icons:
  3. BobbaFetus

    Clone Wars 2003 addon pack(updated to 1.9.2)

    Some characters have a few skins. Drop it into Gamedata/MBII/ Notes: There are some bugs, SBD uses old animations. Credits: Psyk0Sith, Monsoontide, Omeewan