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    Exposing a secret Pack Dueling Tryhards use

    He targets you because you are very articulate, yet you are inexperienced and have odd opinions. You responding to stuff like this does you no good. Take what everyone is saying less seriously. There is some truth to their statements, but the way that they are presented is not constructive. Your...
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    Momentum Dueling - Toxic or Productive?

    I am going to ignore half of the replies to this thread and tell you what is really wrong here Joker. 90 percent of the people who play duel do so because they just want to have Jedi 1v1s, not train. This is why it is 'toxic' to end duels early. They want to land the killing blow. Not...
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    Add option for visible damage numbers and hitsounds

    Numbers would not be helpful most of the time. Maybe add this to the shooting range? Hit sounds are probably impossible due to the code.
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    Hide Saber Deflect when no Saber Defense has been purchased

    I have encounter multiple newbies thinking that Saber Deflect works without defense one. Correct me if I am wrong here, but the ability does nothing but drain your FP if you do not have any saber defense. I suggest that we hide it like we do with assemble when soldiers have not purchased any lives.
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    Buff Stand Melee Block

    The crouchblock has a wider hitbox which makes it more consistent for instas. Anyway, if people were spamming block, you could still go and sweep them.
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    CTF/PTF Mode = Ye or Gey

    CTF's objective in 1 ctf is ignored and it just turns to TDM tbh. Also, they are going to do more work on the scoreboard, we do not have the final product there. CTF is a good game mode for beginners who do not play many Last Man Standing games, so I think that at the very least CTF is just...
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    Semi Serious Suggestion 4: New Soldier Loadouts?

    Before I begin, as the title implies, I do not think a lot of these ideas are feasible. I do, however, think they could be added in other ways. Anyway... Soldiers! You love them or you think they are boring. I get it, soldiers do not have that much when it comes to loadouts, but I have a few...
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    Some ideas on how to improve gameplay and make it more fun and dynamic.

    I will be honest, if these changes were implemented the balance of the game would be completely thrown off. Not that these are al really bad suggestions, but what you want does not work with current MB2. I was actually working out a similar idea. I was thinking that we could have tall, mid and...
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    Buff Stand Melee Block

    Stand block in melee has no special features, and is utterly inferior to crouch block. They both move the same speed, counter punches, and null damage at the same rate...unless I am mistaken? Crouch block allows you to insta-kata kicks and is invulnerable to sweep. We have this mechanic, so why...
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    Fire Nade Change Suggestion

    I meant his version. The current version of secondary fire is fine. Reread my posts. I said THAT secondary fire (His Idea) is too small to be practical.
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    Fire Nade Change Suggestion

    No he was saying he wants all pillars reduced from 5 to one pillar. I wish he was misunderstanding this.
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    Fire Nade Change Suggestion

    That secondary area effect is way to small to ever be usable. Also, primary fire instantly lights enemies on fire. It is not the best, but it is usable. The damage nerf was unneeded though tbh.
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    Remove/Fix the useless shaking effect on mb2_duel_ihod

    It jerks the player model side to side as well as push them. Idk how the camera code works, but it may be unrelated. The real issue s the sliding.
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    Remove/Fix the useless shaking effect on mb2_duel_ihod

    This isn't just camera shake. You get moved around if you stand on a certain invisible line and move or die. You can see it when you kill someone on the line. The body will start to push you across the ground. Watch the guy with the purple staff in the exhibit A video. I thought this bug was...
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    Balancing Sense Suggestion

    Latis wants sense 3 to just be a better version of sense 1. Only mini map visibility and such. This could be a cool idea, if modified. I think sense 3 should be silent sense 2, and if you meditate you would get the current sense. This does not solve all of the issues sense has at high level...