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    New UI Sucks

    What did you like about the previous UI? I mean the saber selection menu was thrown in the middle of nowhere within the point selection menu, plus more clicks were needed to get everywhere from anywhere. It clearly lacked fastidiousness.
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    I can't believe this is still here

    I think I remember you, yeah a handful of us are still here. It's like a drug, you always return to it haha.
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    You ask to remove dodge,but what about disruptor,some deka and SBD nerfs?

    Nerfing something what's already been buffed is like pushing puppets on a table back and forth. Which is not an update I think. I agree with this except what you're saying about Disruptor. It was a forbidden weapon in the lore and mostly the "bad guys" used it. Therefore I wouldn't give it to...
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    My farewell for now

    What a sudden surprise. I understand how time consuming it can be to put the work into all you have done so far. Highly appreciate your efforts. Although I'm just teasing it at a similar level, but I can definitely see what you mean. Take care out there! Hopefully see you soon!
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    H.B. Pack

    She was, therefore I edited the post a bit later. Now it should be fine. Thanks for reporting though.
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    I don't know how to put skins in the game but this is my character suggestion

    This one's available in Peneke Pack 2.0. You can just download it.
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    H.B. Pack

    Hello there everyone! H.B. Pack v7.2 is released. Download This version primarily focuses on being playable and up-to-date with the new MBII release and the Peneke Pack v.2.0. Technically, it's 99% compatible with Peneke's pack. No known issues. In any case please contact us if you notice...
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    Pure Legends pack.

    Most of these are already part of either Peneke Pack / H.B. Pack or base MBII. Also, you do not have to be a modder to do this. Anyway I think I know what you're aiming at here. You wish to have kind of an old school replacement pack while getting rid of all new canon characters - which is...
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    H.B. Pack

    Yeah I get it. Well, he had quite a lot suits. Here. The first one supposed to be the crooked model as you pointed out. I'm still reading the books so I do not personally have a clear picture how his suit looked like though. I think I'll stick with a HapSlash model reskin in next release. The...
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    H.B. Pack

    You mean uncanon? Cause I don't give a damn about what's canon and what's not. Although the model is pretty much low quality, yes. We'll see if anything can be done with it.
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    Timing is usually crucial. If you throw grenade first, then you likely survive since there's no counter when the Sith is already on the floor defenseless. When the Sith uses lightning on you first, they will endure since you are already stunned defenseless. So I partially disagree - even though...
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    Corellia: Past and Future

    Unexpected realization: I remember seeing your name on some CMP map loading screens around B18 lol. It's always a pleasure to see people still around from the old times.
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    H.B. Pack

    Thanks for reporting. I re-uploaded, now it's fixed.
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    H.B. Pack

    Hey guys! Since the recent patch of MB2 (v1.6.2.1) came to life, I had to patch up the HB pack as well. It's only a minor fix for Legends FA and updated UI for Open mode but I encourage everyone to download to prevent future issues. For the same reason Grievous is now available in Open mode so...
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    H.B. Pack

    Thanks for the appreciation!