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    Technical Issue not found

    What is the command you're using to start your server? Did you customize your server.cfg from the server_config_default.cfg file?
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    Technical Issue not found

    Put the server.cfg file in your MBII folder
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    Technical Issue not found

    The usr folder is part of the file system, you can only access it from the root of your system. If you have sudo access, type sudo cd /usr/lib in to the terminal. or you can copy the file directly to that folder with sudo cp /usr/lib (from the folder with that file).
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    Technical Issue not found

    That file should be in your /usr/lib folder, but it won't be needed if you use openjkded instead of linuxjampded
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    Technical Issue Server crashing on map uM_xmas_bespin on open mode only

    i had the same crash at the end of round on a linux openjk server
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    Unconfirmed g_balance is broken

    If you set any value except -1 (off), like 1 or 2, players wont be able to join the round.
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    Movie Battles II V1.6.2 Released

    I think g_balance is not working properly when class limits are enabled... The round keeps restarting when class limits are enabled and g_balance 1.
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    [Beta] Improved Graphics Mod (Pre-configured QEffectsGL)

    Since for some weird reason i’m not able to run reshade on my graphic card (AMD RX VEGA64), QeffectGL is my last hope for some graphics enhancement on mb2. but i’m using this build, crystice-softworks/QeffectsGL [Generic] RenderFrame=-1 Anisotropy=8 Multisample=4 Bloom=1 BloomSteps=32...
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    Capture with jaMME in MBII 1.4.5 (with dropped editing support)

    same here... Jamme is definitely dead for mb2...
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    MovieBattles II Hotfix Released

    I got this when i try to connect to any server in legends mode,
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    Ben's Useful Replacements: Jihadist Mandalorian!g8YQWa5S!_ueH90zlLBPE-gBszlKhcuhV2OcpqyQQdNksAY4mPcg
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    MovieBattles II V1.6 Released

    How cool is the new dotf classic b ???
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    MovieBattles II V1.5.5 Released

    I've noticed that g_InactivitySpec is still broken
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    PowerBattles II - Attack of the Memes

    it was related to read/write access thanks!
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    PowerBattles II - Attack of the Memes

    @FrenzY My openjk server always crashes on pb2_dotf at the end of the round =================================== JKA Movie Battles II Crash Log =================================== Process File Name: mbiided.i386 Process ID: 1276 Signal Code: 0x0000000B Signal Reason: address not mapped to...