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    Gameplay is too unapproachable/unintuitive.

    Good let your anger and frustration empower you, If you think your enemies are invulnerable I can teach you how to destroy them if only you kneel...
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    Kyle Katarn in Legends mode

    This is a good suggestion, though considering how badly they weakened classes such as Grievous to the point of being totally impractical. Some of the force powers may be a bit too much considering how they established the classes as they are
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    MB2 Documentary. Round-up of events/info

    Cult and SE recorded clan archives, though I do not personally have access to them there are records ranging from what you may like from developers perspectives on the direction of MB2 to my personal favourite the roleplay conflicts. Though due to the crackdown on us I and some others associated...
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    How performance enhancing drugs effect dueling in MB2, I shit you not

    You duel others while swinging your mouse around to block stupid attacks and use drugs to attempt to mimick a fraction of my power? Everyone laugh at this loser! Ahahahah
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    Formal Apology

    That seems like a weird range, but I will return to this board in the next update and inform you of where our characters stories can intertwine and roleplay (though we can do it through forums if you would prefer though I should warn you I'm very powerful and you might not like the result of...
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    Formal Apology

    As the top EU player I would be eager to test your power levels one Sith Lord to a.. well, whatever you happen to be..
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    Any plans for an RP server using Mod mechanics?

    The Sith Empire tried to do that but MB2 devs banned us from the discord, and everyone was annoyed with us roleplaying while we slaughtered them, so we either got called "tryhards" or "cringe roleplayers" toxic community overall
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    Mandolorian saber/staff

    Yes yes yes yes, exactly the sort class variation MB2 needs
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    Mandolorian saber/staff

    Umm, hello?
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    Mandolorian saber/staff

    Already suggested by me, please read my open fix. Drive-by decapitations are sadly not possible atm though
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    New MB2 series

    If you need tips on how to do good recordings and roleplay with a good story feel free to ask me
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    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    That's Racist
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    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    Target SE or Jedaii servers and I will personally crush you false god!
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    Starıka's Jedi Academy Machinimas

    You don't even play MB2, go away