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    Technical Issue Mb2 launcher

    Okay i made some changes and its workin ;p
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    Technical Issue Mb2 launcher

    Hi guys i have a problem, I was cleaning my pc and accidentally i uninstall jedi academy. I installed it again. I ran mb2 launher and it showed me that "There was a problem launching mb2, please try as admin". When i am doing as an admin it doesnt work. I uninstalled mb2 and installed it again...
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    The most bugged thing in game is superpush. Half od superpushes into wall does not take even 1dmg when it is supposed to kill. Right now i am playing i superpushes aith in side clrridor he hit one wall then went on anothsr wall and it didnt take him any dmg.
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    First bugs

    Sense 2 only show enemies on map but light teammates. Also team chat messages always double.
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    Is there any possibility to report admin of not official server? They are using admin abuse, tking and trolling players.
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    Server Administrator Rules

    I acknowledge the rules
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    EU OPEN - ALL EU OPEN official servers Lou i am waiting for your answer because i see that u are online already. I want only to have ur attention here sorry for taking your time.
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    @LoU alright it works xD
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    Does anybody know how can i contact with Lou, i can't send him a message and I can't write under his posts. Any ideas?
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    EU OPEN ALL EU OPEN official servers

    Guys i saw that Lou is online again. Can u answer me? ;)
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    EU OPEN ALL EU OPEN official servers

    Guys i am waiting more than a month for an answer. Can u reply me?
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    Dueling Lessons - TBC

    Agentoo are you going to organise more lessons in future? I am very interested.
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    EU OPEN ALL EU OPEN official servers

    Thank you for your comment Lady :)
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    EU OPEN ALL EU OPEN official servers

    In-Game nickname: My nickname is Prime' MBII Experience: How log have you been playing MBII. I play this mod for 5 years. Age: How old are you? I am 19 years old. Description: who are you? My real name is Ignacy i am student. I live in Poland. Reason: Why do you want to be an admin? I want to...