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    [Extra stuff][UPDATEv0.8] Gore Battles for Movie Battles 2 [Massive change for more saber/blood realism] [Added the JKA version of the laddermeelemod]

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    Bartender Custom Model HIS NAME IS BALDAREK
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    Legends Mode Feedback

    give chirrut less stamina for the love of god
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    Catwalk dotf for dueling?

    the communities demands will never be satisfied... a constant feeding
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    Saber staff current state

    whenever i fight against staff, they always seem to tank a lot more than other styles, i'd compare its defense to blue or cyan
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    Guys, I think I found real classic balcony dotf

    tfw i care so little about dotf that I missed this elaborate troll. i figured it was always in kek
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    Technical Issue Used to run perfectly, now I'm having issues

    kind of your fault for not backing it up before overwriting
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    Noel's Dueling Guide [Up to date]

    A few more notes about optimizing for lag and FPS. Lower your max packets until you notice that you reach a diminished return on your ping. I can get to about 30-50 before I start getting spikes. Find your balance between low ping and no spikes. This will vary for every computer, but I find...
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    MovieBattles II V1.6 Released

    All the config changes are gonna be fun to experiment making vstr's for. Excited most about the FA additions
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    Lack of "Playable" maps

    I've been trying to get RTV/RTM more widely used. So far it's been pretty successful EU side but NA is kinda hit or miss when it comes to population. I can't control the population and what they choose. Just gotta break the cycle yourself by populating RTV servers. I think NA wise the current...
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    Why I am uninstalling MB2 after 9 years of playing. (Video Analysis)

    you can play on genesis if you want rtv/rtm variety maps
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    I feel like it's time to get into the forums... My introduction

    i vouch for him hes in exe clan
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    Battlefront Sound Replacer - v2.1.1 08/12/18

    You have to remove the saber sounds more than likely
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    |VE| Roleplay on Moviebattles 2

    close enough, i would never use steelseries for audio though. love you too goliath, soon your sexbot modification will come to fruition