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    CLAN {EXE}

    umm who r u??
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    Lini's meme montages

    get fucked kenny
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    threepwood, someone did stop him..

    dude no way
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    Unconfirmed Saber Stance Switch while saber off (reload)

    i never thought to report this, it always happens at the start of a round (on respawn in duel mode).
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    literally worse than exe
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    sorry only raging tryhards allowed
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    exe is both regions atm, but its dead dont join
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    You ask to remove dodge,but what about disruptor,some deka and SBD nerfs?

    Having mechanics with no counterplay are what really kill fun. i.e. dodge, some legends characters Disruptor already takes time to charge up, what more would you want from it. its basically useless unless you are camping with it
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    My farewell for now

    now thats a name i havent heard in a long time....
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    Lolboomer streaming some Dueling

    we'll have to red v red sometime
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    MovieBattles II V1.7 Released

    Nihilus got buffed way too much. 300 HP with cortosis is a lot, but also having drain makes killing him without 1 v all nearly impossible. Dunno why he now has Defense 3 from 0 if he is labeled as a "Force Whore" character. R2 still hadn't been touched either. All these mobility classes kind of...
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    [SOLVED] I got a new computer, now my launcher has an error.

    you need to give more information
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    Please I Need You All

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    Please I Need You All

    theres my robot lover