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    Dueling meta sucks right now

    Seriously, though, I tried this build for about 3-4 times, each time leaving disappointed. The thing is, I just don't get it. For example: - What's up with those stupid interrupts? When exactly they happen, during which part of animation? What gameplay purpose they serve? How to avoid it? How...
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    Dueling meta sucks right now

    Yeah, you mean since they introduced aimed PB. Agree
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    I'm tired of the current state of dueling

    Probs I was misunderstood. My post was directed towards developers, implying *they* need proper documentation in case they want to identify "the problem" and finally fix it without ruining everything agian. Yes, it might not work immediately. but it WILL reduce amount of "person X knows...
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    I'm tired of the current state of dueling

    Does anybody ever tried to uh like write documentation on dueling mechanics for mb2 ? And keep it up to date. Just something I thought would be nice to have, in case you want transparency and general understanting and stuff. *insert swear word here* I always found some impious sense of...
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    Vote for your favourite recent sabering patch

    I would like it to be reverted to 0.1.3. It's nice to have saber colors other than default, and not wait until the round end to respawn but ... After they added purple and cyan it kinda went downhill for me. Aimed PB my ass. I can't just enjoy this shit anymore.
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    Farewell, Pepsi, old friend...

    Sad news. I didn't really know him that much personally, but in old times we (24) had fun playing against him from time to time. RIP
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    Newbie dueling

    I dunno, honestly. Yesterday joined the only populated duel server, out of ~20 ppl only 3 or 4 were willing to actual duel. Others were laming, and stuff. How the fuck you are supposed to learn something in this case?
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    Current Gameplay Suggestions & Critique

    Truth is, you don't need BP regen on PB to be defensive. Instead of relying on BP regen from PB you can: - Constantly walk backwards, to achieve easier PBs and bait your opponent to run - PB a lot - Attack only to parry or interrupt - Time your slaps. If opponent is running at the moment you...
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    1.5.3 duels

    Is it worth trying out? Nice vid, btw.
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    Dev Diary - Server Statistics

    Love how grafana makes metrics look sexy
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    So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

    True, but... You know, hardcore gamers are humans too, like real living beings with dreams and stuff. This is important, because there are barely any games able to please glowstick nerds the way mb2 does. Unlike casual gamers, we, hardcore gamers LOVE to die hundreds of times to bullshit and...
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    Feedback Thread: 1.5

    Just played a bit more duels, and I must say I definitely like this update a lot. I was against 8bp regen on pbs at first, but I think I'm starting to change my mind. It feels like it kinda forces me to git gud. See, because you don't want your opponent to ever PB you - it means you HAVE to be...
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    Launcher Launcher Issues

    Same problem here =/
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    MovieBattles II Version 1.5 Released

    I hope you're right I cannot believe how some people liking 1.4.9 combat with ACM meta and stuff. It was utter garbage and the reason why I stopped playing. Tempest's beta was even worse in that regard (sorry). Now it's all fine again, why complaining? edit: dunno about open changes