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    Newbie dueling

    I dunno, honestly. Yesterday joined the only populated duel server, out of ~20 ppl only 3 or 4 were willing to actual duel. Others were laming, and stuff. How the fuck you are supposed to learn something in this case?
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    Current Gameplay Suggestions & Critique

    Truth is, you don't need BP regen on PB to be defensive. Instead of relying on BP regen from PB you can: - Constantly walk backwards, to achieve easier PBs and bait your opponent to run - PB a lot - Attack only to parry or interrupt - Time your slaps. If opponent is running at the moment you...
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    1.5.3 duels

    Is it worth trying out? Nice vid, btw.
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    Dev Diary - Server Statistics

    Love how grafana makes metrics look sexy
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    So lets talk about player retention in this mod...

    True, but... You know, hardcore gamers are humans too, like real living beings with dreams and stuff. This is important, because there are barely any games able to please glowstick nerds the way mb2 does. Unlike casual gamers, we, hardcore gamers LOVE to die hundreds of times to bullshit and...
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    Feedback Thread: 1.5

    Just played a bit more duels, and I must say I definitely like this update a lot. I was against 8bp regen on pbs at first, but I think I'm starting to change my mind. It feels like it kinda forces me to git gud. See, because you don't want your opponent to ever PB you - it means you HAVE to be...
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    Launcher Launcher Issues

    Same problem here =/
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    MovieBattles II Version 1.5 Released

    I hope you're right I cannot believe how some people liking 1.4.9 combat with ACM meta and stuff. It was utter garbage and the reason why I stopped playing. Tempest's beta was even worse in that regard (sorry). Now it's all fine again, why complaining? edit: dunno about open changes
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    Turn Semi-Authentic Game Mode Into A Graphics Option

    Me thinking the only way around class restrictions is to introduce some new playermodels / weapons / effects. Reskin existing classes so they would fit map's timeline, without changing their core gameplay. But there's a problem. Most classes are closely tied to their timeline. Their gameplay...
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    Biased towards blue

    Biased towards blue
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    My Sugestions Toward MB Disarms.

    Umm... This? My bad. Though, I think my argument is still valid. It doesn't really matter that much if it's only below 30 bp or removed completely, honestly.
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    My Sugestions Toward MB Disarms.

    Let's imagine what would happen if disarm only happens after 30 bp or low for attacker Outside of just some saved BPs, there are two reasons to swingblock: 1. Protection from slap - close distance 2. Protection from disarm - medium to close distance Now if you make disarm to only occur below 30...
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    My Sugestions Toward MB Disarms.

    Because it is actually a good thing for open mode? Because it promotes skillful play in duels? There were no "fiddling around" against skilled opponents, because they would punish you for a slightest mistake. You either did a most unpredictable swings or swingblocked as much as you can...
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    My Sugestions Toward MB Disarms.

    This situation happens very often to people who both don't swingblock their first swing and at the same time telegraph their swings. Why shouldn't it be punished? Disarm actually promotes some creativity in hueling, since disarm punishes predictability. Constant fear of getting disarmed makes...