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    you have a really feminine voice. there's no way you aren't a power bottom

    you have a really feminine voice. there's no way you aren't a power bottom
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    SWTOR: Dromund Kaas Stronghold Map

    looks really pretty. for the outside area, with the statue of ragnos, would a helipad or some sort of landing pad decor be good for the large pad? and here comes the part where I try to convince you to add more places for mandos to hide; could it be cool to allow everyone to get up on top of...
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    Saber fights too long, lower BP maximums.

    just learn how to do halfswings lol. they count towards ACM and do as much bp damage as a regular swingblock. OR just swap to duals style, since you can click away all you like and the damage will be too much for many while it doesn't slow you down like red.
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    melee abilities need a dedicated bind

    please don't encourage anyone to over-complicate the controls any more than they already have. last update or whenever the hell, someone made it so you have to hold the use key to do a normal kick while jumping, when before you could just jump and right click, seems retarded (and unnecessary!)...
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    are you the bottom or is shitting the bottom?

    are you the bottom or is shitting the bottom?
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    your name is shitting

    your name is shitting
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    [OUT OF SCOPE] I want All information about Saber Deflect

    its pretty easy bro lol. just click a lot to deflect a lot if u have level 3
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    Epic, funny and fail moments at Star Wars Movie Battles 2!

    so this is why aaron is how he is. stuff like this must have happened a lot to him, shilling, evian, etc.....
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    Reduce frag grenade point cost for solds

    anyone against allowing soldiers to have two frag grenades is likely basing their opinion off of the extremely skilled gunner players that are playing and trashing just about everyone with the E-11 and concs. heroes being allowed multiple nades and quickthrow isn't being looked at as strong at...
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    NA is dead. fix it

    let people walk on pylons and catwalk in deathstar again already. your attempts to drive the north american playerbase away from tr deathstar are futile
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    An SBD concussion blob ability (already exists in game)

    sbd is so easy to play, I can actually fully drain a jedi's FP bar with it. While my aim is so shit on mandalorian/clone/soldier that I always resort to the equipment rather than guns to get kills.
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    Moviebattles II Hotfix Released

    thank you devs for all ur hard work
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    Push 3 nerf

    except for me
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    the old voicelines were created by someone because "I am the most powerful jedi ever" sounds better than "I will... be.. the most, powerful jedi ever!" If someone took the effort to clip the line for whatever reason, I would respect it and add unique ones, instead of butchering the one that...
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    Whoever decided to change the voicelines for Quinlan Vos (jedi) and Ep.2 Anakin, please burn painfully. also so many people are asking for options to change the UI to legacy versions. personally i feel the scoreboard is too colourful. But the only thing I actually care about is the voicelines...