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    Grappling gun/hook?

    The master cheif collection after like two years added a custom game browser just like movie battles II has. Once infinite came out the pop dropped but like 600 or 700 ppl still playing reach daily. The best part of it you could make your own custom maps and people would join it. I made a few...
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    Grappling gun/hook?

    They don't want to make the game fun Just play halo infinite. They have grapple hooks. U can use it 5 times once you pick it up after every 4 second cooldown, and you can do cooler things with it mbii would never allow you to do
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    Add a new mb2 exclusive "cookie" to track users when they join your server

    So you want a tracker to insta kick or ban people you Hate for speaking out against you or to troll them back as they are about to get a kill and kick em out instead before their saber hits. Yeah no bad for the game and attempting to give already power hungry loser admins on this game would...
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    200 Dollar USD Saber Tournament.

    Exclude the script kitty's. Half the trash on NA will deny it but they use time nudge, dfa, and combo scripts, parry scripts, there just good at hiding it instead of using it full time. Better yet save your money cause half these bads use it anyways
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    Merry Christmas

    Atleast he isn't a loser who uses a time nudge .Txt file slap script + attack yaw dfa combo script. You're bad Dryden 👎
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    Unofficial map list

    Blz there must be a bunch unofficial maps that aren't listed, where can I find them at ? Um_crazytrain isn't listed yet I can load it, calodan isn't listed but it loads up, there must be more.
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    Not a bug Mb2 cmp snowfacility not working

    Mb2 cmp snowfacility not working at all can't load it up
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    Technical Issue Devs: FIXX THIS MAP!!

    Please fix mb2_Duel_calodan most badass duel map and wonder why it's de listed I found it in my files (it's the map we're ashoka fights that one whore) some people said the map is fine but me and others see a bright white fog on the map so ots unplayable, plz fix
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    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    BTW you're an idiot Kael already knows it's not even me because it has happened while I am playing the game killing others in US duels plus he has respected me now ever since I wiped the floor with him killing him 3 times in a row in duel after I figured out how he fights with blue/cyan If...
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    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    Bro no one cares about your chip chip cup of tea and bloodsausage biscuit and gravy EU ass bye noob
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    Coder discussion Custom FA

    Bruhh cool man I'm definitely gonna play with it later today thanks for the info I'll write back incase I encounter some problems
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    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    Lmfao don't worry I have eyes in everyone's discord I get screenshots from AOD chat LS chat and everywhere else of what people say about me, shyts funny. Be scared my secret agents who yall think are your most trusted comrades are really out here for me.
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    Coder discussion Custom FA

    Am making Custom FA a thing and people love it, is there a way that I can auto setup my maplists to have Custom FA classes and yeah im not spelling it out right but here it is Vstr do "map mb2_kamino" vstr d2 Is there a way to add in the Custom FA classes into the map rotation without me...
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    DDOS attacks threatening playerbase

    Already said it's sneed.