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    *New* Modded Server

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    Activating cheats on own server

    /rcon devmap mb2_jakku
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    ITT: Post your top 5 mb2 trolls

    1) im rebel 2) Majorasshole 3) Sheogorath 4) Omelette Prince 5) MONKE / WANG YI / WONG QUA
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    Feedback Thread: CTF Open Beta #3 - August 13th 2021

    It was really fun tbh, especially Kashyyyk, Deathstar and um_rift. Maybe reduce the respawn cooldown for all classes during the overtime (or give them an equal respawn timer) and make DS superlaser last longer!
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    Dev Diary - CTF Deathstar

    So fking hyped, the superlaser omg
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    MotherF***ingMaceWindu - V2

    Some taunts/lines suddenly stopped working for me, this version works if you guys have the same issue :
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    I guess this is not a coincidence, right ? Since nade-jump isn't "lore friendly" enough or maybe just a meme exploit (who the fuck knows), but since devs want to make the game more authentic and respect SW gravity : I really hope they will consider adding Leia's ability to fly in space (after...
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    Moviebattles II Version 1.8 Released

    So this is basically a NA scrimmers christmas list, at least models are good
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    MB2 needs a Force User class

    MB2 needs a STEALTH User class
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    Mind trick needs a specific buff

    I'm stealing this from wow but here's the idea for an alternative mt : "Blinds the target, causing it to wander disoriented for 2sec . Damage will interrupt the effect."
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    i have a plan