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    blake_won's ELO script

    UPDATE: -Migrated the script to a SQLite system instead of JSON. A lot of while and for loops hence got removed and both the performance and the readability of the code should be greatly improved. -Added an RCON password setting to the cfg, an oversight on my part. Before this change you...
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    It's Kinda Ironic

    @NERO are you dumb
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    blake_won's ELO script

    @pelmeņu lauks fixed.
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    blake_won's ELO script

    Hello people, i am making this thread to release my "plugins" out to everyone. I haven't been playing the game much lately, and due to those reasons i find it hard to find the motivation to host the "Ranked Dueling" server. Hence, I feel like it would be selfish to still keep the work all to...
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    count me in @KarusBadders prepare ur bumhole
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    Technical Issue Awaiting Gamestate

    Have you tried joining without a vpn?
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    Technical Issue Server crashing randomly

    Once per day at a random time the server would crash on new rounds, here's the crashlog =================================== JKA Movie Battles II Crash Log =================================== Process File Name: openjkded.i386 Process ID: 1260 Signal Code: 0x0000000F Signal Reason: kill...
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    Scott The Scout's Shitshop

    is advertising mods allowed here?
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    Hosting Server: Linux

    how do i switch my server to openjk?
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    It's Kinda Ironic

    if someone somehow tries to argue that influx of new players is a bad thing, you know that it's just some mental gymnastics in a desperate attempt to insert their boomer fantasies, and also so people express that they are a veteran, e.g. "BACK IN MY DAY ..."
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    It's Kinda Ironic

    how is an influx of newer players a bad thing? stay tuned
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    MovieBattles II V1.6.1.2 Released

    @Defiant God bless you.
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    Another sabering poll

    gambate dev-san
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    Hosting Server mb2 guid

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    Hosting Server mb2 guid

    is there some sort of guid logged anywhere on the server?