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still listening to lil peep, chief keef, juice wrld, and machinegunkelly? ahahhahahahaahhahaahahahh your kd too hahaahahahahahahah
Stay away from me you creep! Just because I am a 17 year old girl on the internet, it doesn't mean you have to flirt with me at every opportunity! Also, I have a boyfriend now. He's very tall and you'd stand no chance against him!
some pathetic physique beta in his 40s. u should go to therapy, actualise ur potential instead of lashing out because ur hurt. start to heal, when u were hurt u were young and there was no internet to accept someone as pathetic as you, thats why you've become this decrepit troll. how much do people like me have to partake in ur self esteem? pls seek help, its not my fault u were ruthlessly bullied. dont reply to this