Why Legends mode is amazing and better than Open

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Very recently I started to notice that Legends mode has been getting played more as well as more praise than it used to. Not sure why, but honestly..... I love it!
You have absolutely no idea how much this makes me happy, and in all honesty I have more fun in this mode than I ever had in Open. Open is just so boring, predictable and downright tedious and a chore to play it nearly turned me off to the mod in general.

I will now list 10 reasons why I believe Legends is so much better than Open:

1. Characters and Class variety: Each character is unique with their own set of abilities and weapons, and this makes for an extremely fun environment.

2. More Force Powers and Abilities: Need I say more?

3. Fun factor: The fun is through the damn roof with this mode, and I have an absolute blast every time.

4. Support Classes: ACTUAL HEALING AND SUPPORT CHARACTERS! Open has none of that.

5. Dynamic encounters: Each player you face has a different character they play and when encountering someone, you won't see the same models and skins over and over, it's different every time.

6. Unique Weapons: You get kickass weapons here, like the Flechette Gun, and others from Vanilla JKA, among other cool shit.

7. Interesting mix of gameplay styles: Each character has a unique style of gameplay to them, mixing it up and making things more interesting.

8. CTF mode: CTF + Legends = Absolute win!

9. Faster Matches: Due to the sheer OPness of some characters, gameplay is fast-paced, making it great to play and not have to wait several minutes for a new round.

10. Surprisingly balanced: While characters in this mode are OP, they have counters, like everything else. No matter who you play, there will be someone who has a stronger character or someone with an ability that can counter yours.

In short, Legends is the Best Gamemode, and anyone who says it sucks is lying!

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>insert player discovering Legends
>existed for years

Yes, it existed for years, but it got barely played, now it's being played more often. Also FA could use more love too tbh.
Don't know if I'm getting legends mixed up with Full Authentic, but I think Legends feels a bit unfocused and not very refined. It's fun in short bursts, but having Jabba the Hutt rush you gets kind of lame after a while. You also lose that sense of build variety and actually playing how you want to play. You're forced to the confines of the characters. That would be okay, but when most are limited to a certain amount of players, you might never get a character you actually are good at or enjoy playing. I know each character is different, but while it creates variety in playstyles, it also creates large unbalance. Just my take, I still enjoy the mode once in a while, but I think there's a reason it isn't played all the time.