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Technical Issue Wanting to start the Launcher but getting a Trojan Warning

Discussion in 'Support' started by Blackfieldo, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Blackfieldo


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    Hello Forum.
    I wanted to try out the game but when i downloaded the launcher and try to run it something didnt work right.
    When it asks to update the launcher and i press yes the lancher is crashing and my windows anti-virus program warns me that it has a trojan called "Zpevdo.A".
    Ofcourse that scared me a bit and hoped someone has a save way to get it running.
  2. Puppytine

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    Just a false positive.
    The same problem was about a month ago, when previous version Launcher was released. There were a lot of false positives from different anti-viruses, it took some time to contact their developers and wait till they update their bases.
    Now new version of MBII Launcher is released, which obviously isn't yet present in A/V bases, so we made a full circle and have come back to the starting point.

    Launcher - Antivirus take launcher as a trojan virus.
    Technical Issue - MBII trojan:win32??
    Launcher Deleted itself?
    MBII insists it contains a virus, cannot launch

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