VX Scrims Official Thread

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Welcome to the Official VX Scrims thread!

I'm going to start hosting PUG scrims again in a couple of days, if you are interested join my discord. Link down below.

These scrimmages are going to be held on a US server!

Here are the rules the scrims will follow:

1) Best of 1. The map and team captains will both be chosen randomly, the team captains will face each other in a 1v1 pistol duel to determine which side on the map they start on or if they get first pick (the team captains will both 1v1 as an ET with no points into anything
2) Max PUG match size is a 7v7, one player per class except soldier (maximum two soldiers)
3) Can only spectate your teammates
4) Both dodge and deka are banned
5) 20 rounds per map, 10 rounds each side
6) If the specific PUG ends in a tie, the opposing team's captains can decide if they want to continue, if so they will go into sudden death (best 2 out of 3 on the same map, switched sides)
7) No hacking
8) Intentionally throwing the game is kickable

Discord link below!

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now this will be epic, might be even more epic if we just wait for a better and stable patch than the current.