V1.2.1 Released!

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V1.2.1 Released!

To update, simply run the MBII Launcher! If you do not have the MBII Launcher, check out this thread and download the launcher from the Download section.

And two announcements to make:
-We are still looking for anyone who has the time and interest in helping make MB2 a better game! To submit your application follow the guidelines here!

-We would like to take a moment to recognize a great man and leader that guided MBII development through wonderful changes for two years. During this time, Sxx's contributions as a leader, a creator, and a financial sponsor of MBII enabled the game to thrive and continue development of the mod we all love to play. Always a man of action, Sxx prided himself in making sure everyone's voice on the team was heard and made sure at the end of the day work got done. On behalf of the MB Team, and the community, we thank you for your contributions and great work, as well as covering the financial costs for everything for this long! Sxx, we wish you the best in your next venture and know that you will succeed in it. Good luck in your retirement Sxx.

Here are all the changes since the last version:

CHANGELOG (15-03-2015)

  • /smod who now shows the admin's ID.

Bug fixes
  • Cloak no longer recharges to full immediately after finished using.
  • Fixed issue with missing crosshair when using Advanced Targeting.
  • Fixed player's scoped weapon not closing when hit by a sonic grenade or while being electrocuted.
  • Prevented disruptor ammo indicator from displaying on other zoomed weapons.
  • Fixed Jedi Mind trick turning off lightsaber even if no enemies were mind tricked.
  • Fixed issue with droideka resulting in many issues such as people sticking together/falling out of the map.

  • Removed default 20% Damage Reduction. Red and blocking DR still applies.
  • Force Block's immunity levels based on amount of FP changed from 95/80/50 to 90/70/50.

  • Cyan style now only drains BP on parries with the first swings of its combos.
  • MBlock disarm once again requires movement+PB to perform; Staff style only requires movement.
  • Fix for special moves hitting more than once when already cancelled enough times by normal swings.

Duel Mode
  • Reverted number of lives back to 6.
  • Reverted match times to 5 minutes.

Gfx & UI
  • Fixed issue with ratio fix resulting in BP / Jetpack bar being misaligned.
  • Fixed rally lines drawn on radar when using the ratio fix.
  • Optimized size of many HUD textures for better performance.

  • Fixed control panel shader on Darth Vader.
  • Fixed RGB issue on Zabrak Female ET when viewed without detailed shaders.

  • Fixed VIS issue when facing in the direction of the carbon chamber door from the eastern commons.

  • Addressed FA balance issue caused by 1.2's pistol changes.
  • Clipped off upper area of building at attacker's spawn.

  • Fixed lack of ceiling clipping.
  • Fixed minor visual problem.

  • Improved lighting and optimization.
  • Some visual fixes and improvements.
  • Corrected spelling of existing target_locations and added locations to side route.
  • Added locked door to the command center. Hacking it takes 1 second for humanoids, 6 seconds for droidekas.
  • Small metal floor plates no longer clip.
  • All destructible objects now have health indicators to aid players unfamiliar with the map.
  • When 12 or more players are in-game, the Falcon engine's HP increases by 50%.

  • Class limited Sith Grenadier on FA.

Community Map Pack
  • Fixed syntax error in hotel.shader.
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