Types of duelists

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There are three types of duelists:

Eu duelists: all about quick, efficient, and brutal attacks to quickly overwhelm you. Also all about clan tags and names that look like this : |TIN|SP|EZ3KR13L|EU| and that shit is always rainbow.

Na duelists: all about stunting. You’ve achieved true Na status when you disarm a player, immediately throw out a taunt, slap them to the ground, anticipate their get up and do a cartwheel over then to decapitate them.

For an example of a true Na duelist vs a Eu fucker may look like this :

Weird name fucker like the one about joins ~120 ping, stunts on a bunch of mediocre players and then comes to you, the fight ensues. After a minute and twenty seconds straight of throwing out combos and perfect blacking his attacks, he keeps up. But after awhile he gets worn down, tired. You notice that in his second swing on his ADAD clash combo, he doesn’t swingblock. And that is a fatal error. He throws the ADAD clash combo and you perfectly time an mblock, (you have to aim+ attck+perfect block + match their movement) and send his saber to the floor, you’ve trained for this. You know what you just do. You do a game breaking little know short hop back flip, taunting as your head soars higher that his, pushing his saber back to the ground as he desperately force pulls it, and quickly decapitating him. Then spam “We did it!!” Over and over again.

Au dueling: all about being shit. God fucking awful.

For example :

I’m so high

DARTSNAOMER AU joined the game