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Launcher Trouble installing on mac

Discussion in 'Support' started by Soul Bound, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Soul Bound

    Soul Bound

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    I've looked through thread after thread and tried finding any tips I could, but I still have problems just installing it properly. Could anybody help?
  2. Puppytine

    Puppytine Slayed dreamer

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    Oh come on!...

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    Read this guide and do what it said: Technical Issue - Noob Probs on Mac: App Support JKJA folder is gone
    If still have any issues after that, describe them completely and entirely, providing as much information as possible.
    Post screenshots, post full and direct quotations of all error messages.
    Telepaths are on vacation.
  3. k4far

    k4far Donator

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  4. Remalus

    Remalus Donator

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    so first you want to burn the mac
    and then you want to buy a pc
    and then you should be set
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  5. GistBattles2


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    Try going in Service Terms & Downloads download the files manually click the upgrade and get MBII place it in /Users/YOUR_NAME/Library/Application Support/Jedi Academy Merge the upgrade in "MBII". Download JKJALaunch click choose find your jedi Academy the ending will usually have .app at the end once you chose it give it a few seconds then go in Command Line Options type in "+set fs_game MBII" hold shift click multiplayer launches you straight in movie battles. Almost forgot! do not forget to unpack the .zip files.
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