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Hello. Wanted to make an announcement here that TIN will from now on be organising events open to public on our TIN | FA server.
The time for each of them may vary at first depending on the feedback and our availability.

More details will be posted about each event organised up to 7 days in advance, but for now some basic info and rules:

What type of events?
- All sorts of them. FFA, Jedi vs Sith, regular Open mode action with team pickings, Saber or Pistol dueling tourneys, Hide & Seek, Full Authentic fun and possibly more.

Who's in charge?
- These events will be organised and held by @maxfranx and me (PuNk#5017 and maxfranx#3797). For any additional questions or interest feel free to PM us.

What's required to participate?
- A registered account on our forum: The Initium Novum Forums and a simple message like "Yes" or "+" in the event thread when they're opened as well as being present on our discord server. Once you sign up for the event, a server password and invite to discord will be sent to you in forum PM including any additional links that may be needed.

General rules:
- No disrupting or sabotaging the event organisation.
- No troll accounts.
- Use the same nickname as the one you signed up to an event with or at least a nickname that we can recognise and confirm it's you.
- Players that are permabanned on our servers must first write an unban request in this section: The Initium Novum Forums - Help & Support and if it's accepted you'll be able to participate.
- No spamming, insulting, raging or flaming your teammates or anyone else participating in these events.
- There won't be any reserved spots as of now, it's first come first serve, no matter if a person is a clan member or not. For example if an event is organised for 10 players only, first 10 to sign up in the thread will have a spot.
- Please do not be on any mind-altering substances whilst at events.
- No screaming on VC please, we have bad history with screamers @Remalus @noel
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edit: you forgot the rule:

'Please do not be on any mind-altering substances whilst at events.'