Confirmed Three small saber bugs (saber mode switching, blue backstab, roll stab)


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I sat down with my friend ThEra and recorded a few small bugs with the sabering system in open.

Issue #1: Can't switch saber mode while being fired upon
What went wrong: Sometimes my saber style won't switch while I'm taking fire.
What should have happened: My saber style should switch when I tell it to.
How to reproduce: Get your good friend to fire upon you while you spam saber style switch.
I have my saber style switch bound to MMB in this video:

Issue #2: Blue backstab works inconsistently against knocked down players
What went wrong: A player was able to hit me before I was done with my blue backstab animation when he did a W getup, but not able to when he did an A or D getup.
What should have happened: Blue backstab shouldn't incur different timers depending on what getup my opponent does.
How to reproduce: Slap your opponent, have him perform a W getup and slash you ASAP while you backstab him with blue style during the getup.

Issue #3: Roll stab disappears into the Aether if you get hit
What went wrong: My roll stab disappeared completely when I got hit at some point during the stab.
What should have happened: The animation should have cancelled with an interrupt sound or my opponent should've been knocked back and interrupted.
How to reproduce: Roll into your opponent and have him hit you during the roll stab. (see video for exact timing)
(ps: We didn't test it but I've seen the roll stab issue apply to purple stab, duals stab and staff backstab aswell)
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