The MBII God AOD Fears and Hates

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You heard it here, The MBII GoD has Returned after 10 Years And Ripping AOD Clan Members a New Hole for Their Shite to come out from.

Why Does AOD Hate me?

Simple. I First Joined AOD and Started EZing Their entire Clan, the first Person to Speak Against my Great Power Was Kodar Kun, The Village Idiot.

I still laugh to this day his first words to me

"WoW your So good, Staff and Lightning, Learn to Actually Play" Coming from the Morom who Just Sprints and Concussions As a Clone LOL!!! From that Day on AOD has always Gotten Ez'D by me and they hate the FACT that One Clanless Man Is Able to Shrekt their entire Joke of a Clan To pieces, so much they First started to Mute me for speaking Truth about their Shitty Game play.

AOD thinks they are so good when in fact they are a Clan in a 20 year Old game full of Casual Players and No other Real rival clan to Fight against and Coordinate Attacks in Discord Voice chat Circle Jerking Eachothers Foreskin And Bootlicking Their Clan Leaders Greasy Mt Dew Dipped Toes.

From Muting Me they all Conjured Up Trash Talking to me because deep down in their pathetic Fingers who never touched a female other then their sisters Bras Are Fearful of my Greatness. The fact that to this Day they Banned me and continue to Hunt for me online DAILY DDossing me in TR Deathstar To get me Killed when I am Fighting Some people, or When The enemy is about to Turn the corner, they DoXx me so I get killed. I have a footage I'm editing of all the times this has happened. I've also got Inside Screenshots of them Giggling their Triple Cheeseburger Chins In Their discord Chat too from Somone who Used to be in AOD has secretly letting me know everything they are saying in their Mt dew and crusty Old paper plate Infested Desktops.

So one day I was playing in AOD not saying a word and started to Kill them all including their Lame Wannabe Soundcloud Rapper Clan Leader ASAP Rocky, Which is a trademarked Name and he can be Sued for that, Decided to Ban me Simply for Rekting his Shitty Sniping Skills and Proceeding to Teabag Him. Ever Since that Day AOD has been trying to DDOSS me every chance they get, and Finally the AOD DDosser slipped up and Exposed himself, AoD_General Kenobi.

Do your Part, Dont Join AOD Servers, you will Experience it yourself, they will DDOSS you just to get you killed because they are sad little weasels who can't play the game Fair.

I also forgot to mention they are all Script Kitties who use Scripts to Win. What a Sad bunch to even call themselves a Clan.

As I'm writing this now your Bootlicking Clan Members are Mad I Just EZD them in US Official with a positive KD of 29-2.

Stay Mad, Sincerely The Darklord of MBII.

And Hey EU, Bring your Biggest Guys to NA you cannot Defeat a GoD.


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