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The title of this thread definitely isn't helping things. x)

That being said, what happened today seems to have largely been an overreaction. A few people were spamming UKREEN with Liniyka displaying faux offense at the use of the word to bait Mace. Really don't think anyone should have been banned today though, the mutes were temporary and justified for those people who were spamming when advised to stop though a few people were muted after merely saying UKREEN once.

The bans really do stretch things unreasonably however.
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@Recourse I have lifted your ban as I am satisfied that this kind of thing is really out of character for you.
@AaronAaron your fate is tbd after so many incidents
@Liniyka_xddd Remember the last time you goaded someone into taking admin action against others for you? Didn't turn out to well for you then. If it happens a third time it may well permanently not turn out well for you.

Case closed.
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