I just gave Desann, Tavion and all Reborns from JK2 the German Voices and sounds. They say almost the same like in English cuz I replaced every taunt and sound with the original Voices from Jedi Outcast base assets. I think the German Voiceactors did a better Job. (except Desanns Actors, they are both great) So if you´re German or know german language this is for you.

There will come future versions with all ported Voicelines from all other Chars from JK2 and JK3 for german.

If you want to port it to your own language you can do this very easy, with some .mp3-cutting and compare the voicelines.

V 0.5:
- Desann (jk2)
- Tavion (jk2)
- All jk2 Reborns

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