SW Sounds [updating...] 2021

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AIM. - Clone (no helmet) .mp3
Am sorry. - Rex (no helmet) .mp3
breathing sound - Clone (no helmet).mp3
breathing sound - Rex (no helmet).mp3
but, How. - Fives (no helmet) natural distortion.mp3
dying sound - Clone (helmet).mp3
Execution immediately. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
FIRE. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
Follow orders. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
Good job. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
Good luck finding anyone to do it. - Rex (no helmet).mp3
Good to see you, Sir - Clone (helmet).mp3
I can understand. - Clone (no helmet) natural distortion.mp3
i'll take that, as a no. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
Line up the prisoners. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
metal bending sound.mp3
My fault. - Rex (no helmet).mp3
NOPE. - Clone (no helmet) .mp3
Ready weapons. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
REINFORCEMENTS. - Clone (helmet).mp3
Speak for yourself. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
We all know it. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
We have orders. - Clone (no helmet).mp3
What happened.- Clone (no helmet) .mp3
What. - Fives (no helmet).mp3


apprentice. - Darth Maul.mp3
breathing sound - Cad Bane.mp3
breathing sound - Ventress.mp3
breathing sound2 - Cad Bane.mp3
choking sound - Alien.mp3
choking sound - Bo Katan.mp3
choking sound - Clone (helmet).mp3
choking sound - Female Mandalorian (no helmet).mp3
choking sound - Hondo's Pirate.mp3
choking sound2 - Clone (helmet).mp3
choking sound2 - Hondo's Pirate.mp3
choking sound3 - Alien.mp3
choking sound3 - Clone (helmet)
choking sound3 - Hondo's Pirate.mp3
choking sound4 - Alien.mp3
choking sound4 - Clone (helmet).mp3
choking sound5 - Alien.mp3
choking sound5 - Clone (helmet).mp3
Do you hear me. - General Griveous (intercom).mp3
DO YOU HEAR ME2. - General Griveous (intercom).mp3
EEY - Mandalorian (helmet).mp3
forget it. - Cad Bane.mp3
geonosian sounds.mp3
geonosian sounds2
GET HIM. - Clone (helmet).mp3
I. - Cad Bane.mp3
It won't be long. - Hondo's Pirate.mp3
I will take you. - Cad Bane.mp3
JEEDAI. - General Grievous (intercom).mp3
Kill him now. - Savage Opress.mp3
Let him drown. - Maul.mp3
master. - Dooku's Jar-Jar.mp3
Mind tricks don't work on me. - Cad Bane.mp3
Nnnou - Maul.mp3
Nothing is free on Nar Hutta. - Alien.mp3
pain sound - Alien.mp3
pain sound - Cad Bane.mp3
pain sound - Clone (helmet).mp3
pain sound - Female.mp3
pain sound - Human.mp3
rolling sound - Alien.mp3
Sith are no better than Jedi. - Bo Katan.mp3
This is your last opportunity. - Maul.mp3
Weakling. - Savage Opress.mp3
What a surprise. - Count Dooku.mp3
You're a fool. - Count Dooku.mp3
You are nothing. - Count Dooku.mp3

choking sound - Female.mp3
choking sound2 - Female.mp3
Do we take prisoners. - Battle Droid.mp3
Don't. - Young Ahsoka.mp3
dying sound - Clone Pilot (helmet).mp3
dying sound - Savage Opress.mp3
dying sound2 - Clone (helmet).mp3
falling sound - Alien.mp3
falling sound - Clone (helmet).mp3
falling sound - Male.mp3
For the Republic. - Clone (helmet).mp3
get out of here. - Clone (helmet).mp3
I can't breathe. - Rodian Male.mp3
laughing sound - Alien.mp3
Oh my. - C3PO.mp3
pain sound - Alien.mp3
pain sound - Clone (helmet).mp3
pain sound - Female.mp3
paind sound - Gungan.mp3
pain sound - Rodian Male.mp3
pain sound. - Male.mp3
retreat. - Alien.mp3
What the hell was that. - Clone (helmet).mp3

Before using for MB2 you should check if the files are converted!:

- Audio Channel: Mono
- Sampling: 44.1 khz / 44100 hz

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Series 2008-2020)


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