Star Wars: Galactic Battles - Replacement Pack - Version 1.0.2

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"A modpack, where Obi-Wan always has the High Ground."
Version: 1.0.2
If I didn't credit you here, or if you want to remove your work from the pack, please contact me at JKHub, MB2 Forums or in Discord: Encritary#9448.[/CENTER]

Special thanks to k4far for helping me in soundpacks, Tompa9 for supporting pack with his awesome works, to Shenghai to making his Gloan/Mando replacement pack, that was used as base for Clone Troopers in this pack and to Penekowski for being my "master" ;)

- A280 Blaster Rifle retexture, Han and Luke in Stormtrooper armor, 5th Brother, 7th Sister, Ahsoka Tano TCW, Cassian Soundpack, Governor Pryce, Grand Inquisitor, Death Trooper reskin, FA Mode support, Inferno Squad Soldier, Kylo Ren face reskin, Obi-Wan Ep.3 face reskin, Red Droideka skin, Starkiller's, Organa's, Mace Windu's and Qui-Gon's heads normals applying = Encritary
- General Rahm Kota TFU1 = Gu_tucci, Encritary for TFU head port + retexture
- Count Dooku with TFU head and cape reskin = Encritary, BackFlip1 for original head port, Tompa9 for head reskin, Encritary for Normals apply
- Han head = Seven, Luke head = Jeff
- Grand Inquisitor head = Kualan, the rest = Lt.Claim
- New fonts = Laisum
- DC-15S Clone Rifle, Clone Trooper Phase II model, Ahsoka Tano hilt, Darth Nihilus hilt, Galen Marek hilt, Turanis hilt = AshuraDX
- E-11 Blaster Rifle, Dark Knight hilt, Darkness hilt, Darth Bane hilt, Darth Caedus hilt, Ezra Bridger hilt, Grand Inquisitor hilt, Jaden Korr hilt, Jocasta Nu hilt, Kyle Katarn hilt, Outcast Stinger hilt, Orgus Din hilt, Quinlan Vos hilt, Tulak Hord hilt, Exar Kun hilt, TOR Dark Staff = Rooxon
- User Interface, RGB Admiral Ackbar, RGB Battle Droids, RGB Bespin Cop, RGB BX Droid, RGB Shadowtrooper, Jolee Bindo, New Wookiees = Vitez
- Satele Shan soundpack, Clones soundpacks, Recolored Force Icons, Jaden Soundpack, Gray Wookiee, Many playermodels icons = Peneke team
- HD Voice and Chat icons = Circa, recolor = swagmaster
- 91st Recon Corps, Imperial Gunner, Shadow Trooper Battlefront 2015, Shock Trooper = Barricade24
- 8th Brother, Baze, Bodhi, Chirrut, Death Trooper, Ezra, Hera, Royal and Shadow Guard, Rebel Saboteurs, Jyn Erso, Sabine, Shore Trooper, TOR Old Republic Soldier = Lt.Claim
- Most of Clone Trooper skins = Sono
- Agent Kallus, Barriss Offee, Director Krennic, Captain Phasma, Dengar, Embo, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Grand Moff Tarkin, Lieutenant Lyste, IG-88 reskin, Luminara, Mon Mothma, Shaak Ti = Kualan
- Starkiller Training Gear, Starkiller TFU2 = dark_apprentice
- Some Darth Vader textures = AngelModder
- Anakin Skywalker, Coleman Trebor, Maul TCW, Darth Maul Warrior of the Sith, Death Watch Mandalorian, Kyle reskin, Luke ROTJ, Speed sound, Cin Drallig, Specular map for Mace Windu's head = Tompa9
- Atris, Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, Malek = DarthStiv
- Cad Bane, Galen Marek Jedi Adventure Robes, Lord Starkiller, Rey reskin = Seven
- Han Solo = Seven, Peneke team for improvements, Encritary for Force Arena and Rivals heads ports and hands retexture
- Chewbacca retexture = Jediwill
- Senate Commando, Commander Fox, Echo, Fives = JAWSFreelao
- Darth Vader TFU Damaged = AngelModder, Kylo Ren
- Darth Bane, Darth Krayt = Spanki
- Darth Caedus, Doctor Aphra, Exar Kun, Lumiya, HK-55, Sith Assassin, Juno Eclipse, Tulak Hord, Ben Kenobi, Ben Skywalker, Satele Shan, Sith Warrior, Darth Revan, Havoc Squad Soldier, Luke in Yavin Outfit = Jeff
- Hondo = Jeff, Peneke team
- RGB Darth Talon - Ruxith
- HK-51, Darth Malak reskin = Ambrom
- Mandalorian model = Corto
- Female Mandalorian = Mhoker, Peneke team for MBII optimization and RGB textures, Encritary for little fixes
- Some of the Mandalorian skins = Vitez
- Mandalorian model = Corto, Vitez
- ROTJ Boba Fett = Mandalorian
- Starkiller Jedi Hunter, Nien Nunb, Ahsoka Tano Rebels hilt = The Punisher
- Geonosian = WytchKing
- Jar Jar Binks = Major Clod
- Revan Jedi = RevanKnight
- Ki-Adi Mundi = Backflip1, Encritary for Normals and Speculars apply
- Palpatine Hero = Toshi
- Leia Jedi = dark_apprentice, Encritary
- Darth Sidious reskin = ViceK
- Obi-Wan Episode I = Circa
- Rebel Reskin = ThatOneGuy2486
- 501st Legion Stormtrooper = Bek
- Revan Dark/Light hilts = Khaliban
- Darksaber = JoseCarlos
- Updated darksaber sounds = Shenghai
- Kit Fisto hilt, Plo Koon hilt, Sith Soldier hilt = RevanDark
- TFU Lightsaber Pike = VEK892, Encritary for reskin
- Mara Jade hilt = Omega1
- Rahm Kota hilt = HOUOU
- Battlefront 2015 weapons sounds = TehPandemic
- Palpatine TFU head port = Peneke team, Encritary for improvements
- Lando Calrissian = Encritary, Tompa9
- Ahsoka Tano Rebels =  dark_apprentice, The Punisher
- Darth Vader helmet = dark_apprentice, Encritary
- Boss Nass = Lervish
- Twilek Rebel = Jeff, Peneke team for RGB textures
- Coleman Kcaj = Psyk0Sith, Encritary
- RGB Rebel Soldier = radiuks
- Rahm Kota soundpack = Seven, Peneke team
Changes from 1.0.1:
- Fixed holster on Echo
- Added missing shader for Senate Guard
- Changed soundpack of Luke Pilot on FA Echobase
- Fixed FA on Jedi Temple
- Now RGB Sliders shows only on RGB compatible models
- Fixed BF Twilek Rebel shaders
- Changed head of Darth Maul
- New Cin Drallig by Tompa9
- New Han Solo with Force Arena head
- Replaced unrobed Anakin-sith with Tulak Hord
- Fixed Revan hilts
- Replaced Kel Dor Hoth Commando with Boss Nass
- Updated Dooku cape
- Replaced Kento Marek with Coleman Kcaj
- Replaced Palpatine-hero with Han Solo ROTJ
- Returned back Han Solo ANH
- New Han Solo TFA with head from Star Wars: Rivals
- New Rebel Soldiers
- Replaced Peneke Kota with new TFU1 Rahm Kota
- Count Dooku head retexture by Tompa9
- Added Red Droideka
- Applied normals on Ki-Adi Mundi's, Count Dooku's, Qui-Gon's, Windu's, Organa's and Starkiller's heads
- Specular map for Mace Windu's head by Tompa9
>Updated PowerBattles compatibility addon<
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Gameplay video by @Vizino:

Review video by killercann:
It's over, Anakin, I have the HIGH GROUND!
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If you want become contributor/tester, then PM me here, or in Discord: Encritary#9448
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And you did f***ing likehack :p

- - - Updated - - -

Yoda teached me how to likehack.
'I'm a likehacker, like my father before me'.

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Wow, you just edited the comment saying: 'trailer incoming'
And after my quote you just changed it to: 'it is 90% done'.
Dude, you can't hide. Just keep everything as it is.
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Wow, you just edited the comment saying: 'trailer incoming'
And after my quote you just changed it to: 'it is 90% done'.
Dude, you can't hide. Just keep everything as it is.
I'm not hiding. Just I will release trailer after release of pack.
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Have to say, I'm impressed with the icons for the clones. Well done.

And just a slight thing in the credits: everything except for the 501st and Coruscant Guard textures were Sono's. The Commander Cody/Fox visor was ported from CWA by yours truly, as well as a few host of model fixes from that (Pauldrons, etc,). Also the "Kal and Floof" soundsets were done by me.
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