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This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It's too bad that game lacks the content deserving of its price tag.
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Yeah. But, I liked Crysis. Seriously though, how do you mess up Star Wars?
By wearing a suit and tie and ignoring the developer team for 25 years.
Here is how it works in EA.

You have people in suits, relay messages on pieces of paper to a developer team that is 50 floors below them, they don't leave thier office and talk to them face to face. They sit there and write emails back and fourth.

Then you develop a marketing committee to police the project, and people have to go to this committee to do anything they want to. Know this is marketing people, are not developers, they don't play video games or know what the fuck a mario is. They have to approve and discuss everything and this just takes away time from development. So not only did dice pull a game out of their ass in the limited time they had, they lost even more of it because of the committee.

They went to school to learn how to make money. And that is all they know, is how to make money. And the easiest way to make money is to be a huge fucking scum bag. This is the reality.

Where you got dice, a bunch of bork bork's that know how to make first person shooters but under staffed. They have been here so long that their positions are safe, and its hard to get a job in the video game industry so much that people are kinda locked in thier current positions. They can't move on or get more people because EA doesn't like taking chances and hiring new faces.

And with the horrors of kickstarter, the surge of independent developers dropped drastically. The people who move on to greener pastures have a legacy built; Kind of like Steven blum who's resume is like 30 years long. Unless you have a positive reputation and people recongize you, you cant just become indie and become successful. The only people who can pull that off are the one man teams that came fresh out of college and don't have houses to pay off and families to feed. And can just work at mc donalds and game dev as a hobby.

The work and time put into video games are pretty fucking expensive so EA makes these skeleton crew development teams. The last time they had a huge fucking group of developers was swotor. The swotor team was like 50 fucking people, and we know how that game turned out. So them applying a dead on arrival mmo logic to future games, they just go with skeleton crews and don't give them time to actually add substance.

Now dice is getting better at making games with a limited time frame, but battlefront would of been a great fucking game if it came out like next year or some shit and what I mean next year, I mean fall 2016. Instead it had to co assign with the release of the new movie. So instead of focusing what makes a good fucking video game good, they focused on asset creation and sounds. Because that is easier to do than having a bunch of code monkeys make new content, debug it, test it, debug it more, balance it, then network stress it, balance it again, test it again, then stressing the network again.
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Really too bad that Battlefront's aesthetic beauty didn't equate to good gameplay... It had such promise, but in the end they fucked it all up.