[SPOILERS] Star Wars Rebels Twin Sun episode Discussion

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by TheWizardOfRoz, Mar 19, 2017.

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    Have Maul die five seconds into a fight you've been building up all season lol

    Seriously, the episode was really bad. At least with the other bad episodes you know they will be mediocre because they feature characters no one cares about. But there was literally no reason for Ezra or Chopper to be there. They literally did nothing. And the fight, oh my god the fight. I'm pretty sure they stood posing at each other longer than they actually fought.

    Also, this does not make me confident that they won't mess up the ending episode with Thrawn. They keep building Thrawn up as the main villain, but he hasn't actually done anything except kill one or two side characters no one cared about.

    Anyways, how did you feel about the episode, if you watched it?
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    I looked into the fight too much. He starts out with defensive stance, then he decides to go all Ep 1 newb stance to make maul get cocky again. Ben makes masterful precision moves and less acrobatics which i think keeps him looking like a good duelist but also making his Ep 4 dueling tie in. Maul instantly guessing why Obi was there was my only issue

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