Spice Pack v2.5 Update


Hello There! This is my first mod pack for MB2 so I wanted to start small. This pack adds a few skins that I haven't seen on other packs out there, mostly my personal favorites and some frankenstein creations I made that I thought some of you might enjoy.
Instructions and Credits are also included in the .rar file :macegrin:

-Added 2 Black Widow Mara skins to Arc Trooper
-Added Black Widow Bastila to Arc Trooper
-Added 3 OC Mandalorian skins to Mandalorian
-Added 4 Kit Fisto Power Ranger skins to Hero
-Added Tyria Sarkin RGB (No Vest) to Trooper
-Added Season 1 Ahsoka to Jedi
-Added 2 Tavion Extreme Makeover skins to Sith
-Added 3 Kotor Dark Jedi inspired outfits for Mara to Sith (Was sitting on these for awhile)
-Added Female Kit Fisto to jedi (Requested by Kit Foreman)
-Added 2 Lewd Mara skins to jedi
-Added 2 Lewd Mara skins to Sith
-Added 2 Yuthura Ban skins to Sith
-Added Sith Master Bastila to Sith
-Added 2 Zarah outfits for Mara to Sith
-Added Atton in Jedi Robes to Jedi

-Added 3 Cloaked Bastila skins to Jedi
-Added 3 Cloaked Bastila skins to Sith
-Added 4 Kotor Dark Jedi inspired outfits for Atton to Sith
-All Dark Side Atton skins now use Dark side Atton Voicelines
-Added Rebels Leia to Hero
-Added 1313 Boba Fett to Bounty Hunter
-Added Jedi Knight Revan(No Mask) to Jedi
-Added a tiny bit of horny to Jedi,Sith,Elite Trooper (Just a wee bit)

-Added 3 Badass Bastila skins to Bounty Hunter
-Added 3 Twin Sun Bastila Skins to Bounty Hunter
-Added TFU Fallen Pilot Luke(Voicelines and all lol) to Sith
-Added Fens Carth Onasi to Hero
-Added 2 Fens Mission Vao skins to Hero
-Added Snow attire Mara to Hero
-Added Jumpsuit Mara to Jedi
-Added 3 Mandalorian Wars Canderous skins to Commander
-Added Redeemed Malak to Jedi
-Added Tenel Ka to Jedi
-Added Atton in Sion gear to Sith(so hot oml <3)
-Added Endor Luke(With Sith Eyes) to Sith - Requested by Edel c:
-Added Yuuzhan Vong Luke to Jedi
-Fixed a LOD issue with the older Mara skins - thankyou for reporting this Trilla!
-Various Sound improvements to Characters

-Added Hoth gear Mara+Ponytail to Jedi
-Added 6 Additional outfits to Jedi Bastila
-Added 3 Additional outfits to Sith Bastila
-Added 3 Kotor Dark jedi inspired outfits for bastila to Sith
-All Dark side Bastila skins now use Dark side Bastila Voicelines (Big thankyou to Sneaky who provided the voicelines <3)

Elite Trooper.jpg

Download Link will always contain the up to date version

Spice Pack v2.5 Update

-Works with all skinpacks-
(Remember to Remove any previous versions when updating)
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