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Technical Issue Some questions

Discussion in 'Support' started by Chaos the Chaotic, Nov 30, 2018.

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    I forget. What's the difference between using jamp vs mbclient?

    Do I need to have it on jamp and steam integration enabled to launch directly from steam?(along with command line?)

    FYI, Launcher's working fine, can use both jamp and mbclient on it. Though I still have the wider crosshair distortion with mbclient even on a new pc...
    Also, is there any way to make the text smaller in-game?

    And then....fuck Windows 10. Fuck it to hell. Fuck you, Windows 10.
    Figured out my resolution issue was because I had set the text/app size to 125% and it was doing weird shit with the resolution for ja/mb. It would refuse to change resolution or would do a widescreen version of the 800 x 600 or an enlarged cutout. Annoying as shit. Fuck you, Windows 10!

    Set it back to 100% and everything is fine.

    Except now all my folders and text are so tiny. I don't like it. And I don't like Windows 10. It sucks! Is there some secret setting to let me enlarge the folder and text size only? It just gives me the option to enlarge everything. And I already have it on the largest settings without using the zoom.


    Now I'm going to channel all this hate and torture people in-game.
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    Windows technical FAQ/troubleshooting guide
    There are settings related to screen scaling when right-clicking executable file (jamp.exe, jasp.exe in case of Steam, mbii.x86.exe) and select "Properties". Not sure that it will work, but try it.
    Windows technical FAQ/troubleshooting guide , scroll to "Issue: Mouse is acting weird, movement of cursor on the screen doesn't match mouse movement. Image is cropped, you cannot see right and bottom sides."

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