Sith and Jedi Way too op! (Mb2 Diss Track)

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Jedi and Sith are the easiest class in the game!
This is the key problem in the game. If you have an above average reaction time you will always be able to time your swings and jumps for a free kill at close range. That in combination with push spamming so your enemy can't run out of the way without being knocked on the ground and stunned for a solid 10 minutes. This pretty much makes it very much non beginner friendly. Even if the player does everything right. He will still die 95% of the time.
Also, it is impossible to counter lighting, pull, wookie rage, grip (not fair but still is the most balanced force power in sith) push 3 ("just walk bro!") aka just stop strafing so the enemy can shoot you)
It's not that the game is bad, it is just that it is utterly broken because of god mode debilitating guarantee you die abilities.
The key to balancing this is to limit the number of sith and jedi on a team in open. (the mains already have duel which is always populated)
This is the easy simple solution. It is not viable for a gunner main to get swarmed by 10 sith/jedi all with unique force abilities and their own unique counters and expect them to survive It is extremely frustrating when the other team spams force users and i am forced to play jedi because the game just heavily favors them. There should be at least something to show what ability the sith have spawned with so you know how to counter so you have a fighting chance. Otherwise it is just guesswork RNG in an already unbalanced face off.
For example...
If the sith has push, make it so the sith have a certain emblem or symbol on them symbolizing it. (this would be an acceptable option, because force users have wall hacks so obviously giving the gunner a little bit of foresight would be beneficial for balancing the game.

Also... the cool downs for knockdowns is way too long. Why does it stun you for long enough for a sith to practically take a piss break, grab a cup of coffee, take a shower and you are still on the ground waiting to die.
Just shorten the knockdown by a few milliseconds at the very least. so it is not literally a guaranteed kill. """V E T S""" say force users are a skill based class but the game is practically handing them kills.

I have been practicing bounty/hero and i think i have officially made the switch to main it because it is obviously one of the funnest classes in the game because of how it rewardS precision but in close range you are pretty much guaranteed to die if a pusher, zapper, or pulser is waiting around the corner. The human reaction time is not even fast enough to counter any of these force users hiding behind every corner with their mouse hovering over the f1 button.

It needs drastic reform and bad. This game will most likely die if open is not saved. Because people do not download this mod for duels, they download it for epic movie BATTLES. I will say this. Most of the gunner classes when fighting other gunners are pretty balanced with the exception of wookie. But as for jedi and sith it can utterly destroy the once greatness of a game when you enter a server and its literally just jedi vs sith. No one want's to play a class based on skill, precision, timing, and slow moving projectile based hand eye coordinative training when a noob that just installed the game literally 5 minutes ago can just hide behind a corner with lightning, push 3, pull 3 and sense 1 and be guaranteed a kill every single time. Meanwhile people just installing that happen to play as gunner have to methodically check every corner, walk, aim, time reloads and shots, know where all the camping spots are etc just to land a kill against sith. So naturally of course. Most people will play as sith or jedi and never experience what it is like to go ham as a gunner.

To me. Playing as a force main is boring. it rewards cheap kills and just isn't challenging. If i die its because i got bored and stopped trying. I eventually just end up rushing rebs spawn and killing as many rebels as i can. I'm almost always guaranteed a kill of at least one gunner. Close range jedi, sith or wookie vs gunner = death. I could go on and on but let me remind you that it's not the glow stick that is the issue its ability's like push, lightning, etc that make every single piece of geometry in the game a death trap. Hell...force users can even grip on walls for minutes at a time and drop from above.

And i'm not even going to get started on wookie...

Here is my diss track touching up on the matter.

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i can agree with all of this way too many times do i get swarmed by 10 or more sith and jedi that proceed to push me then launch me for 10 min knockback game is broken. devs need to make bounty hunters have miniguns and multi rockets and also need to be immune to knockback. hero also needs poison and knockbakc immune and ability to see through walls. {edit buff dodge}

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the legend is back

servers can already set class limits for jedi, but most choose not to
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the legend is back

servers can already set class limits for jedi, but most choose not to
Honestly I play MB2 to go slash slash with lazer sword. Many other games for pew pew. If I join and can't pick Jedi I go to another server.

That's just this 1 players mindset. Can't speak for the other 900 players.