Siegfried Says Hi

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Hello there!

I've recently registered here in the forums but i've started to play MB2 like two months ago. I'm still a total newbie and so i have to improve in a lot of things!
I already have a clan on JA+, called {JoF} and i don't really wanna leave it so i'll only come to play as a visitor, but i'd really like to have some help ingame whenever it's possible. I seek some fun but respect and trust is something i do like to share to make the gameplay even better and satisfying!

I usually play the game in my mother's house, in the weekends but since i travel a lot i decided to give it a go on my laptop (which isn't that good) but i still have to change some configs in order to increase the FPS, cuz it seems impossible to play with 20fps :rolleyes:😂

Well, i think that's it for now, be seeing you guys ;)