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    Hey everyone, Shenghai here. Long time no see. I've secluded myself the past year in the mountains, learning tools of the trade, and amassing the technical skills needed to complete my modding training. In other words, I have new models/skins that I would love to share, and will be working on more over time, and would love to share with you guys.

    A brief introduction before I get too deep into it for those who aren't familiar with me, I'm Sheng, I'm the creator of the clone trooper replacement pack, available HERE, and I have provided sounds, and model pieces/parts to Peneke over the course of his pack's tenure. With Peneke slowing down with modding, I figured I'd try and ramp myself up to cover the bases as much as I can.

    First up, Mandalorians, my forte. I've been working on clan skins for the Mandalorian Armed Forces, in the theme of "biker mandos", so that's first on the docket tonight. Keep in mind, they still have toggleable jetpacks, but will not have them enabled by default. Not sure if the clan skin theme will be shipped, but I will for sure ship a version with the jetpacks. These are MOSTLY done, just need to create some new textures (maybe I'll make an RGB one, not usually too good with tohse, though.)

    Imgur album: Here

    Next up, a single image, first person to guess who it is gets an imaginary digital cookie.

    Link Here

    That's all for tonight, but hope to see y'all over the weeks.
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    upload_2019-5-17_22-34-55.png noice (please if possible make the Imperial Super Commandos part of this) but the bikers look a bit weird to me but I realize that its probably still in development so I hope to see this soon
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