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[SOLVED] Seeing Only a Handful of Servers

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I downloaded and started playing MB2 on my Mac this weekend and absolutely love it. However, I lost connection with the Casual Corner server halfway through a battle yesterday, and I'm only seeing a handful of servers today; all of which are empty. I saw somewhere that removing and re-downloading the launcher could be a workaround, but to no avail.

I would not consider myself a technical guru by any means, and frankly I'm amazed I even got the mod to work in the first place. Thus, I would sincerely appreciate if anyone could explain what might be going on in a way that I won't be completely lost, lol. Thanks in advance!


the grinch
Movie Battles II Team Retired
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You need to update. I suggest joining our Discord if you don't normally run the MBII launcher to get update notifications (or subscribe to the News section of the forum and activate push notifications).