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Technical Issue Screen promblems

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dad Goals, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Dad Goals

    Dad Goals

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    Hi, so ive been playing MBII for about 5 months maybe? and I took a 3 month break. So I had an old laptop before Christmas and I don't know if I had windows 10 installed or not. Anyways, I downloaded the game this morning and I tried running it, everything went good till only like half the screen popped up. Its hard to explain so here is a picture (its not a good picture but this is the best I can get from steam) Those black bars are the side are like almost 1/2 my screen. A friend of mine told me a way to fix it but the option wasn't there. He told me to go to settings and change a setting to MBII client but it wouldn't let me. I don't know how to fix it and wondering if you guys could help me :) Thanks!
    MBII screen help.PNG mb2 options help.PNG
  2. SeV

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    Have you tried the widescreen ui fix option? What's your resolution? r_mode -1 r_customwidth 1920 r_customheight 1080?
    In your video card settings, try turning scaling on so that it stretches smaller resolutions.
  3. Puppytine

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    I can't understand what do you mean.
    What's stopping you from making a good screenshot?
    Just use Print Screen key.
    In the last resort, make a picture of a display with a smartphone.

    I guess you just need to change a resolution in Setup => Video.
    Just uncheck "Steam integration".

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