Sandbox's First Competitive 6v6 Open-Mode Tournament


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Sandbox will be hosting our first Competitive 6 v 6 Open-mode Tournament on Saturday February 25th, 2023!

The rules will be similar to our regularly hosted pickup games with a few differences, notably the ability to form and prepare your own teams ahead of time!

Because we are not entirely sure how many teams will sign up, the format of the tournament has not yet been finalized. Be prepared for the format to be either a Round-Robin Tournament or a Single-Elimination Tournament format. The format will be finalized after the team sign-up deadline (February 18th, one week before the event).

Matches will be played on =Sandbox!Public= (hosted in Washington DC, USA).

Detailed Tournament Rules are as follows:

Player Restrictions: each team will be made up of at least 6 players (one of which will be their Team Captain), and up to 2 additional players who will be able to sub-in at their Captain's discretion.

Determining Map and Sides: right before the match, one player from each team will represent their team in an Elite-Trooper Pistol Duel (using a completely empty class build), and the winner's Captain will decide between the following options:
- choosing what map the match will be played on (among the 3 maps in the Map Pool)
- choosing which side (imperials or rebels) their team will play first, after the opposing team's Captain chooses the map

Map Pool: The Map Pool will be comprised of:
- Lunarbase (mb2_lunarbase)
- Echobase (mb2_echobase)
- a Wildcard Map that the participating teams will vote on.

Wildcard Map-Voting: As part of team sign-up, teams will vote to decide which map will be the third map in the map pool, the Wildcard Map. Whichever of the following maps has the most votes will become the Wildcard Map:
- Deathstar (mb2_deathstar)
- Corellia (mb2_corellia)
- Fuel Depot (mb2_cmp_fdepot)
- Scarif (mb2_scarif)
- Telos (mb2_cmp_telos)
In the event of a tie, a random map will be selected among the maps that are tied.

Class Restrictions:
- only 1 player per class will be allowed
- Droideka is banned
- (imperials will fill all classes while rebels will leave one class un-filled)

Strategy-time: There will be NO time during the event dedicated to strategizing or other preparation; prepare beforehand!

LIVE / VOID rules: when both Captains confirm their team is READY, rounds will be announced as LIVE by event admins. However, Captains will still be able to call the round VOID during the first 10 seconds of a LIVE round, up to 3 times per match.
- Each team gets 5 minutes in their Void-timer; whenever their Captain calls VOID, their Void-timer will begin counting down until their Captain calls READY. If their Void-timer reaches zero, the match will continue regardless of their team’s preparedness.

Swapping Sides and Victory Condition: Teams will swap sides after 5 rounds are played, and the first team to 6 round-wins will win the match. If the score reaches 5-5, the match will move to Overtime.

Overtime Rules: Both teams swap back to their starting sides, play 2 rounds, swap sides again, and play another two rounds.
- The first team to reach 3 Overtime-round-wins will win the match.
- If the Overtime-score reaches 2-2, the teams swap back to their original sides and play one final Tiebreaker round, the victor of which will win the match.

Regular Sandbox behavior rules will be active, such as no griefing, no toxicity, no breaking Discord TOS, etc.

To sign up for a team, visit the Sandbox Discord and make a post in #looking-for-a-team.