Saber Open Beta Announcement

After 5 years of on and off work with quite a few hitches along the way, I’m happy to announce that things are finally in place to have the official beta for the saber changes.

For the past year, there’s been a couple issues blocking progress. However, in working on some of the cool new stuff for the Mandalorian class, I was able to finally iron those out. We’re finally past the eternal two weeks of waiting.

As for what’s actually changing, the core of the current gameplay is largely going to stay intact but will require some adjusting. Much, if not all, of the consistently complained about jank and cheesy interactions and behavior have gotten either directly removed, fixed, or reworked. Unintuitive mechanics, both from the perspective of new and veteran players have been cleaned up or otherwise gotten indicators to try and make gameplay less opaque.

Saber styles will once again feel unique rather than solely having different move sets and (often largely skewed) offense/defense values. Skill and creativity will once again matter more than just playing one specific way that the system wants you to and outright punishing you if you don’t.

That said, I want to thank everyone that helped over the years with brainstorming and testing the myriad of changes and balance adjustments. I don't think I could have done this on my own and by working with hundreds of community members, I think this will be something truly special for the foreseeable future.

May the 4th be with you.

Changelog and feedback thread.
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I remember this had been in the works since before I quit. Amazing that it's finally coming out.
The 1.10 update looks like it will probably be the best update ever at least in recent times, and 1.11 planned stuff doesn't look bad either. Can't wait to try the new stuff out. The devs are doing an amazing job, I just wish more people worked on this so we could have faster updates that would hype people up even more, but amazing work nonetheless.